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Episode 41 - Rob Sass, Porsche Club of America, and Panorama Magazine

Rob Sass, Editor in Chief and Content Director of Porsche Club of America and Panorama Magazine,  discusses all things Porsche. By examining how Panorama has developed and interacted with PCA members over the years, the two men take detours to discuss what Porsche means to them.

After introducing him, Robert asks Rob to detail the mission of Panorama Magazine and the relation to the Porsche Club of America, along with the people behind the publication (0:47). Then, Rob shares some of the interesting people and discoveries he's made in his position as Editor of the magazine (5:38), before Rob shares a story about the Porsche 911 that prompts Robert to ask where the 911 might be going in the future (9:06). Then they discuss the need to update and/or restore Porsches and when either might be the best idea and the general values of Porsches in the collectible market (11:26). Before taking a short break, Rob shares some of the other cars that he has in his garage (16:38).

After returning, Rob shares the story of how he fell in love with Porsche (17:41). Robert inquires on about the overall circulation of Panorama and its connection to Porsche (19:46). then Rob discusses 'paint-to-sample,', and the unique color schemes the marque offers (22:16). Robert asks how the 'old guard' and the 'new guard' or Porsche fans overlap, interact, and engage with the magazine (25:33). Finally, Rob details the changes made to the Panorama marketplace section and what the publication's plans are for the near-future (27:43).


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Hosted by: Robert Ross

Produced & Edited by: Chris Porter

Theme Music By: Celleste and Eric Dick

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