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Episode 44 - Donald Osborne and the Audrain Automobile Museum

Donald Osborne, CEO of the Audrain Automobile Museum, discusses the museum, its recent Concours and Motorweek, and Donald's passion for collecting automobiles.

After introducing Donald, Robert discusses Donald's fairly recent appointment as CEO of the Audrain and the efforts Donald is undertaking to increase the outreach of the museum (2:30), before turning to the origins of the building housing the collection (4:43) and some of the ways the museum is 'digitizing' to connect with car lovers with a brief detour into a discussion about their latest video comparing Ferraris (9:29). Then, Donald shares a story about a personal car of his that was included in the last Audrain exhibition, a very special Jaguar (13:33). Then Donald explains the Audrian Newport Concours and Motorweek and its plans for the future (16:23).

After a short break, Donald talks about the documentary that was made about the making of the Concours and how unique their concours truly is (20:03), and Robert asks Donald to share what he is planning for the Audrain in the coming years (25:17). Finally, Robert shifts focus to Donald's own taste in cars (28:23) and Donald shares some details about the Audrain's new magazine, Linkage (35:53).


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Hosted by: Robert Ross

Produced & Edited by: Chris Porter

Theme Music By: Celleste and Eric Dick

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