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Season One Highlights: Part 1


Moments that matter: Robert Ross shares some of his personal favorite highlights from Season One of Cars That matter! Featuring David Gooding, Pete Stout, Alex Palevsky, Ian Kameron, Verena Kloos, Andreas Thurner, Carroll Shelby, and Bill Curtis.

Robert Ross, Bill Curtis, and David Gooding of David Gooding & Company break down good auction strategies and what makes a collectible car collectible. (0:52)  

Pete Stout and Alex Palevsky of 000 Magazine share the incredible story of the Porsche LMP2000. (7:18) 

Ian Kameron and Verena Kloos (formerly from Rolls Royce and DesignWerks BMW) talk about unique approaches to design, design's function in society, and the future of car design. (14:13) 

Andreas Thurner of Karma Automotive Design reveals how art led him to car design and discusses the place of luxury in a market that increasingly demands performance. (28:28)

Robert then reviews some excerpts from never-before-released conversations he had with Carroll Shelby--whose life was recently turned into the move Ferrari vs. Ford in 2019. (40:12)

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