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Season One Highlights: Part 2

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Robert Ross shares the rest of his personal favorite highlights from Season One of Cars That Matter! Featuring William Harlan, Bruce Meyer, Brett Anderson, Elana Scherr, Dennis Glavis, Roger Griffiths, and Bill Curtis

Recorded at The Napa Valley Reserve, Robert Ross talks with William Harlan, Bruce Meyer, and Brett Anderson about their friendship, their time collecting cars, and William Harlan's fascinating approach to wine-making. (0:49)

Elana Scherr reveals her insights into the future of automotive collecting and how to get the younger generation more involved. (10:29)

Dennis Glavis of Morgan West talks about not only the incredible Morgan marque, but about the incredible Morgan owners. (18:03)

Roger Griffiths shares his experiences working as a team principle all over the world and how he's part of the new Formula E, moving electric automobiles into the racing spotlight. (27:21)

Lastly, Robert sits down for a conversation with his friend and sometime co-host, Bill Curtis where they play a fun game of 'either/or' and reminisce about the best roads they've ever driven. (36:56)

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