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Hollywood Unscripted

Episode 50 - Sarah Jones (For All Mankind) 

Actress Sarah Jones discusses her evolutionary career, beginning as a dancer and evolving to play dynamic female characters, leading her to her newest role in the Apple TV+ series, For All Mankind.


Photo Credit: Storm Santos (@stormshoots).

Actress Sarah Jones talks with Jenny Curtis about her role in the series ‘For All Mankind’.  She talks about the history of her performance career which started in dance before she successfully turned to acting with key roles in ensemble casts like Big Love.  Her mission to pursue dynamic female roles prevented her from initially agreeing to play Tracy in ‘For All Mankind.’ This changed however following persuasion from show creator, Ron Moore. From there it was about developing the to maximize its trajectory, just as she had done with other roles she had played in shows like 'The Path' and 'Damnation'. Deeply grateful for a career in storytelling, she aims to draw upon the artistic process to connect with the characters she plays. If audiences can then appreciate her work, she considers this “icing on the cake.”

Episode Timestamps: 

0:30 Host Jenny Curtis Introduces Sarah Jones 

4:18 Sarah explains some of the origins of For All Mankind, and the exciting journey of starting a series, and developing a character for years.  

7:10  Sarah initially turned Ron Moore down when he offered her this role in For All Mankind  because she wanted to play a more interesting character. 

8:40 Sarah speaks about a new character being like a new relationship, where you can’t stop thinking about it. 

12:30  Her frustration with men never being asked  'how they do it all'.  

16:20 How Sarah's role on Big Love led to her the major shift to pursue acting.


22:12  Sarah’s explains where the series’ Damnation was intended to go.  

23:07 The trajectory her character took in The Path.  

24:02 She talks more about her character's story arch in season 2 of For All Mankind, what it means to her to play a character that shows love to others, but also puts herself first.  

29:33 Sarah shares what it means to have a life in storytelling. She feels privileged to be a part of the work she’s doing and enjoys that might also impact others.  


Hosted and Produced by: Jenny Curtis

Executive Producers: Stuart Halperin & Reenita Malhatra Hora

Theme Music by: Celleste & Eric Dick

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