Hollywood Unscripted

Episode 03 - The Report

With Guests: Scott Z. Burns & Jennifer Fox

Daniel Jones spent 7 years investigating the CIA's report on torture following the September 11th attacks. We sit down for an in-depth conversation with director Scott Z. Burns and producer Jennifer Fox of The Report to see how they turned this intense time of history into a thrilling movie, and what they discovered along the way.

In this episode Hollywood Unscripted, director and screenwriter Scott Z. Burns and producer Jennifer Fox discuss their new film, The Report.

Scott and Jennifer discuss the challenges and benefits of working on a different budget than anticipated (2:01), the star quality and commitment of the cast (6:04) and how they work as a filmmaking team (11:25).

They move on to discuss how Scott’s vision for the style of the film changed (12:13), the surprising facts behind the true story (13:39) and the personal effect of making a film like this (19:57).

They discuss finding levity in the language (25:44), the inspiring dedication of the cast (28:27), the uncertainty of working while looking for funding (30:51), and the overwhelming result at Sundance (32:48).

The Report will be available on Amazon and features an incredible cast including: Adam Driver, Annette Benning, Jon Hamm and Michael C. Hall.