Episode 05 - Hala

With Guests: Geraldine Viswanathan & Minhal Baig

​Actress Geraldine Viswanathan and director Minhal Baig delve into their movie, Hala: a powerful coming of age story that started from the grassroots of Kickstarter and took them all the way to Sundance, and the intimate process of creating a female-led movie with the power to change lives.

A conversation about Hala with director Minhal Baig and actress Geraldine Viswanathan.

Minhal discusses how the kickstarter-funded short (0:45) became the feature, the experience of going to Sundance (3:31), and realizing that the film needed to be more personal than she’d originally intended (6:42).

Geraldine and Minhal explain how Geraldine got involved with the project (9:10) and the process of finding the character of Hala (11:49) and the commonalities and differences of being first generation (13:34).

Then Geraldine talks about the meditative experience of Hala (17:50). Minhal discusses the choice of voiceover use (20:12) and the bookend scenes of the story (21:43).

Minhal explains the distinction of cultural patriarchy (23:02), the battle with herself in the writing of this film (25:25) and her takeaways from the film (27:01).

They discuss the warm, female-filled atmosphere on set (27:50). Geraldine discusses the responsibility and process of carrying the film (28:45) and the feeling of the first screening at Sundance (29:58). Minhal and Geraldine reveal their favorite days on set (32:19). Geraldine talks about of being an actress (34:15) and working with female directors (36:42)

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