Episode 06 - Blinded By the Light

With Guest: Gurinder Chadha

The power of music: a story of how Bruce Springsteen's music inspired Blinded By the Light. Director and producer Gurinder Chadha discusses her work process and the necessity of telling these stories with the world.

Gurinder jumps into the conversation by discussing the origins of her Bruce Springsteen fandom (0:55) and how Bruce’s music started her bond with journalist Sarfraz Manzoor (2:07), and how they got Bruce involved in the film (2:38).

Gurinder discusses the difference between Sarfraz and the character inspired by him (6:22), her working relationship with her husband, Paul Berges (7:33) and the style of films that she makes (12:28).

She talks about falling into a career in media in order to make change (14:37), how being a journalist helps her in filmmaking (15:53) and the importance of her film Viceroy’s House (17:40).

She reveals that all roles she takes on in filmmaking has been out of necessity (22:36) and talks about how Levantine Films got involved (23:34).

She discusses dealing the challenging weather in England (25:24), loving the moments with the Bruce music (27:15) and facing the very real racism in history (27:34).

Gurinder talks about the skill of going for the emotion (29:51), the need to be a good communicator with your team in order to be a good director (32:58) and how her films are part of her (35:50).

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