Episode 07 - Tracy Letts

​Fresh off the release of Ford v. Ferrari, Tracy Letts, award-winning actor and writer of stage and screen, joins Hollywood Unscripted via phone and opens up about his family life, how it's impacted his career and what it's like creating for film versus theater.

Calling from New York, Tracy Letts jumps into an open and honest conversation with Scott Tallal. They dive right in with Tracy’s family life, starting with his parents humble beginnings as school teachers who moved on to second careers (0:39) and his real-life family inspirations for August: Osage County (1:55).

Tracy describes how his approach to the art form has changed over the years (4:57), the different parts of his personality that are used for performance and writing (6:03) and why theater is a profound art-form (6:53).

He then discusses the type of character he is often asked to play and how he sets those roles apart (8:04). He reveals what leads him to choose a role (12:30).

Tracy admits to hating doing adaptations from stage to screen and why that is the case (13:38), but explains the benefit of doing so (15:22).

In a moving and intimate story, Tracy opens up about the deep ties between his father and his career in the arts (20:14).

They round out the call with Tracy explains just how grateful he is for the career he’s had (26:44).

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