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Hollywood Unscripted

Episode 12 - Kara Vallow


From top TV shows such as Family Guy, American Dad, Cosmos, and The Cleveland Show, acclaimed producer Kara Vallow joins Hollywood Unscripted to discuss her new show, working with Seth MacFarlane, and her illustrious career in animation.

Producer Kara Vallow joins Hollywood Unscripted to discuss her career in animation.

The conversation begins with the most recent endeavor, Cosmos (0:49). Kara discusses her hesitance to take on the project (1:57) and how she eventually came on board (3:07). She explains how Cosmos functioned differently from her other shows (7:13).

Scott and Kara move on to discuss the large operation she and Seth MacFarlane set up at Fox (8:15). Kara talks about the Family Guy’s original cancellation (8:27) followed by a large renewal order (9:37). She reveals that while the renewal was a great opportunity for her (10:23), animation is a challenge for studios (10:43) and she admits to the cutthroat nature of staffing this style of animation (12:04).

Then Kara candidly discusses her experience of being a female in a male-dominated industry (13:59) and how she has been able to help encourage change (17:34).

The conversation loops back to Kara’s beginning jobs (21:04) and how she moved out to LA (22:24). She discussed meeting Seth at Hanna-Barbera (24:41), moving to a less enjoyable situation at Sony (26:59), and finally leaving to go to Family Guy (27:51).

Kara explains why as a child she wanted to be an animator (28:47) and how art school shifted her perspective (29:48). She thinks back on her favorite shows to watch as a child (31:18). She discusses how Cosmos now is so different from the version she watched as a child (31:48).

They discuss Seth MacFarlane’s talent and their partnership (32:52). Finally, Scott and Kara wrap back around to Kara’s love for what she does (35:23).

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