Episode 15 - Olympic Dreams

Jeremy Teicher, the one-man-band director/writer/cinematographer and more of OLYMPIC DREAMS, joins Hollywood Unscripted to discuss his unique opportunity of shooting a film inside Olympic Village during the Olympics

Jeremy Teicher and his wife, Alexi Pappas, shot a feature inside Olympic Village during this Olympics. Jeremy joins Hollywood Unscripted to discuss the details of this incredible opportunity.

This was all possible because Alexi herself is an Olympian. Jeremy starts off by explaining how the origin of Olympic Dreams grew from their previous film, Tracktown (0:43) and how that film reached the president of the International Olympic Committee (1:45). They received an offer to join the Artists-in-Residence program at the Olympics (2:53) and Jeremy explains how their film went from a series of shorts to a feature length film (3:13).

Jeremy dives into the necessities, equipment and logistics of being a “one-man-band” (5:43). He also discusses the inspiration drawn from Richard Linklater (7:46).

The conversation moves to how Jeremy and Alexi met and helped each other grow (8:47).

Jeremy explains the ins and outs of working off a “scriptment” rather than a full script (10:13). He goes on to discuss how on top of the two main actors, Olympic Dreams would utilize real Olympians as additional characters and Jeremy talks about how they would get these Olympians involved (13:12).

Jeremy clarifies the similarities and differences from Alexi’s real experience as an Olympian and her character’s experience (14:07), the reality of post-olympic depression (15:30), and discusses the medal ceremony scene in the film (16:29).

Jeremy describes the freedom he felt on this shoot (20:12). He explains how Nick Kroll came on board (22:21) and Nick’s contribution as a team player (24:16). He dives deeper into the nature of the shoot, explaining how many takes they would get per scene (24:49) and how they worked with a flexible schedule (26:17). He also reveals the differences between the medical practices at the summer and winter games (29:25).

The conversation wraps up as Jeremy dives into his working partnership with his wife and how that connection fuels their creativity (31:09).

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