Episode 17 - Kidding

Dave Holstein, creator of Showtime series “Kidding” discuss everything BTS (Behind The Scenes), including the journey of the show, it’s incredible cast, and stories from set - including the unique way the script found its way into Jim Carrey's hands.

Dave Holstein, creator and showrunner of “Kidding” joins Scott Tallal to discuss this Showtime series.


Dave starts off by explaining how the world was looking for a Fred Rogers-style character who is innately good (1:05) and the differences between the various biographical projects and the inspiration for this fictional character (1:58). He explains his personal reasoning for giving his lead character, Jeff Pickles, so many dramatic hurdles (3:05).


Dave delves into how “Kidding” came about, starting with his job as a writer on “Weeds” (3:56). Searching for another satisfying project, he ended up writing something for himself (4:24) with Jim Carrey in mind (4:52). Dave describes the journey “Kidding” went on as it was developed, passed around town, green-lit, and paused (5:24) before finding a unique way to get the script into Jim Carrey’s orbit (8:04).


Now in season 2, Dave explains how the show has grown and found its footing (9:32). He reviews plot points and the magic in making them (11:12). Dave discusses how in season 2 the backstories of the characters are deepened (13:03) and dives into Catherine Keener’s role (14:32). He talks about the creative ways the writers found to  explore the themes of the season (15:07).


Dave gives a rundown of the writers room (17:45) and reveals their creative process (18:36). He describes the atmosphere on set (20:58) and explains a particularly interesting shoot day (22:57).

He admits that he prefers television as a writer’s medium (26:08) and revels in the creative opportunity he has found himself in (27:28)

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