Episode 21 - Black Monday:

A Stuck At Home Special

Jordan Cahan, Don Cheadle & David Caspe of Black Monday on Showtime | Image courtesy of Showtime Networks

Inside 'Black Monday': actor Don Cheadle and show runners David Caspe and Jordan Cahan share the making of of the hit Showtime comedy series, while stuck at home during a global pandemic.

Actor Don Cheadle and show runners Jordan Cahan & David Caspe join us from home, for a special 'Stuck at Home' edition of Hollywood Unscripted to share inside stories from Showtime’s 'Black Monday'.

1:21 - Don, David and Jordan share their experiences of staying at home how they are practicing social distancing.

3:30 - The three discuss the irony of doing Black Monday with the current stock market situation and how it evolves and relates to today.

4:50 - Don expresses how is working from home and the change in his work schedule on current projects, including having children at home and how that affects their daily routines.

6:50 - Jordan and David share how this pandemic and working from home changes their perspective on their daily routines and the realities (good and bad) of being at home and the gratitude for both long days and the time they now get to spend with their families.


8:40 - What it's like being on set with 'a big happy, family' that has genuine chemistry and the importance of surrounding yourself with people you know and love and who are so immensely talented.


11:17 - David and Jordan talk about how the show began in 2007 and selling it to Showtime and what they though the impact of 'Billions' would be on their show. They elaborate with the experience of having executives producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg join the project.


12:38 - What is the real Black Monday and how it influenced the story: where could they make the stakes higher in their own story, but also keep the ridiculousness of the truth of this era?


15:00 - The showrunners talk about previous comparisons to the 'Wolf of Wall Street' and the fun they have including those comparisons in their own show. 


17:30 - Don shares his experiences of coming from a previous Showtime series, 'House of Lies' and what the comparisons are between these two characters.


20:00 - The three laugh about the opener of season 2, in which Don has to wear a long hair wig and his reaction to the journey of his character, Mo.


23:52 - David and Jordan share their thoughts on the responsibility of the show and where to land the responsibility  for the crash of Wall Street in the 1980s and the real Black Monday - and who will suffer the consequences for it in season 2.


25:50 - David and Jordan express how fortunate they feel with their incredible writing team.


26:25 - Don reacts to reading to the crazy things that happen to his character in the script, including some absurd things he is asked to say, and the importance of leaning into the time period .


30:40 - Don shares his passion for the organizations he is involved with, including The Solutions Project with Mark Ruffalo, and the importance of finding the right way to draw attention to these issues unless there is a national disaster.


32:00 - The three discuss their views on if there is there an obligation to use their celebrity platform to give back?


35:00 - Final words from our guests: gratitude for those working on the frontlines during this pandemic, and to remind listeners that 'Black Monday' is a comedy!

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