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Hollywood Unscripted

Episode 22 - Stacey Sher:

A Stuck at Home Special


Producer Stacey Sher, who's vast body of work includes Django Unchained, The Hateful Eight, Erin Brockovich, Garden State, Contagion, and the upcoming Mrs. America, joins Hollywood Unscripted producer Jenny Curtis and actress Dana Gourrier in an inspiring conversation looking back on her career.

An incredible career retrospective with prolific producer Stacey Sher, hosted by Jenny Curtis with special guest co-host Dana Gourrier. In a conversation focused on connection, passion, and the love of filmmaking, we hear stories and advice from Stacey and Dana.

:24 - The introductions of our co-host and guest. We learn that in this special, we are joined by actress Dana Gourrier, who has previously worked with our guest for this episode, producer Stacey Sher.

2:04 - Stacey discusses her current life at home during Quarantine


2:54 - Dana describes what Stacey’s producing style is from her perspective, having worked with her on and .Django Unchained The Hateful Eight


4:17 - Starting at the beginning, Stacey explains her college years and how she ended up at USC.


5:59 - Stacey describes how she ended up with her first two credits ( and ) and the importance of getting to know your peers.Adventures in BabysittingHeartbreak Hotel


9:04 - Stacey talks about working repeatedly with talented people, treating people well, and connecting people in the industry.


10:32 - Stacey discusses a crossroad in her life and how she ended up at Jersey Films.


14:23 - Stacey talks about films being ahead of their time, such as and and receiving a revised review from Roger Ebert.Gattaca Reality Bites,


15:05 - Stacey discusses how Erin Brockovich came to be and the journey in getting the movie made.


18:52 - The conversation turns to and Stacey explains how the movie was born in passion and belief in Zach Braff’s vision.Garden State


21:09 - Stacey explains how all films are “your baby”, feelings on how a film is received, and reveals a comment from Quentin Tarantino that stuck with her through her career.


23:28 - The conversation moves to what was expected in this current pandemic, and what they could not have predicted.Contagion,


26:21 - Jenny and Dana discuss how they’ve been connected previously and how that connection includes Stacey.


27:12 - Stacey reveals that she doesn’t have a formula for her career, and how belief and love for what you do is the only way to survive in the industry.


27:55 - Stacey discusses still not having an ending while the shoot was in progress, and her “mind-meld” relationship with Tarantino.Django Unchained


29:31 - Stacey discusses treating the filmmaking team as partners and working together as a team and reveals how constraints can inspire new ideas.


30:30 - Dana and Stacey remember struggling to shoot with a lack of snow and other challenges on set.


32:29 - The conversation moves to and the incredible story being told in the upcoming series, the motivation behind the creation of the story, the amazing cast and crew and the environment on set.Mrs. America


37:48 - Stacey discusses the similar approach to film vs series.


38:39 - When asked which moment she would re-live from her career, Stacey gives an array of inspiring, moving, funny stories from set.


43:20 - Stacey describes feelings and behavior after wrapping a shoot.


44:38 - Stacey closes the episode describing the challenges, the passion, and what the love of filmmaking really is.

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