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Hollywood Unscripted

Episode 25 - Jim Sturgess - A Stuck at Home Special


Jim Sturgess (ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, 21, ONE DAY) joins “Hollywood Unscripted: Stuck at Home” to discuss his career, quarantine, and the new series HOME BEFORE DARK.

Jim Sturgess joins host Jenny Curtis in another “Stuck At Home” special of Hollywood Unscripted. Throughout the conversation, Jim discusses - 

0:35 - Life in quarantine away from home. 


2:49 - The real events behind HOME BEFORE DARK and the process behind creating characters from a real family. 


4:43 - Brooklyn Prince, who stars as Hilde in HOME BEFORE DARK. Developing the father/daughter relationship for the show and Jim’s real life friendship with Brooklyn. 


7:09 - Working with children, how that changes the regular energy of being on set, and how the kids on this show inspire him. 


9:45 - Shooting out of order and learning about character as the show progresses. 


10:26 - The choices behind the moments of animation on the show. 


11:06 - How HARD SUN added to wanting to play a father role. 


12:26 - The cyclical nature of the family dynamic in HOME BEFORE DARK and his relationship with his own father. 


15:06 - The day that production halted and a deeper dive into his experience in quarantine.


20:56 - How his passions inform who he is and how the path ahead of him rarely follows his plans. 


22:58 - Having somewhat of a dual life; being a recognizable star in the US and being anonymous at home in the UK. 


24:08 - The films in his career that were based in true stories and what the challenges can be in playing a real person. 


26:18 - His early years, from music to education and how he ended up on his path. 


30:20 - The process of learning on set and lessons he gathered from being on set. 


32:51 - Breaking down staying in character in FIFTY DEAD MEN WALKING and why that can’t be the experience on every set. 


34:31 - Why some of your characters stick with you. 


35:49 - Taking a moment on every set to acknowledge the experience. 


36:20 - Being star-struck, nerves before meetings and how the work takes over once on set. 


37:39 - The Vegas lifestyle during the shoot of 21. 


39:18 - Getting injured during fight scenes. 


40:41 - The unappreciated practical effects in UPSIDE DOWN. 


41:40 - Not having a plan and the incredible variety between projects.

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