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Hollywood Unscripted

Episode 26 - James D. Stern - A Stuck at Home Special

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Producer James D. Stern (HOTEL RWANDA, LOOPER, MURDER MYSTERY, I’M NOT THERE) discusses his career, sports, the changing tide of the entertainment industry and his inspiring documentary GIVING VOICE.

James D. Stern joins host Scott Tallal for another special episode of “Hollywood Unscripted: Stuck at Home”. Throughout the conversation, James discusses: 

0:44 - Missing sports during quarantine


1:11 - the IMAX film on Michael Jordan (MICHAEL JORDAN TO THE MAX), and its affect on THE LAST DANCE. 


1:52 - Staying busy at home during the quarantine and the impact on some filmmakers


2:44 - The distribution of GIVING VOICE and the challenges of coming back from the pandemic for film and Broadway. 


4:24 - Directing and GIVING VOICE came to be. 


7:16 - His star-studded first movie, ALL THE RAGE and the steep learning curve of transitioning from stage to film. 


9:00 - The compassion and skill of the actors in ALL THE RAGE. 


10:06 - The founding of his company, Endgame Entertainment and carving his own creative path. 


13:59 - The challenges and changes in the cast of AN EDUCATION. 


16:56 - His predictions of streaming and the future of media. 


18:45 - His documentary, …SO GOES THE NATION, and ingesting news. 


20:18 - The movie that got away, THE KING’S SPEECH


21:21 - How his perspective has changed on what he says ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to and following his gut. 


23:27 - Working with Robert Redford. 


24:05 - The upcoming film, BLISS. 


24:46 - Thoughts on getting back into production during quarantine and the future of movie releases. 

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