Episode 29 - Bruce Miller

(The Handmaid's Tale):

A Stuck at Home Special

Bruce Miller, showrunner of THE HANDMAID’S TALE,  discusses the show, his career, and the nature of the industry.

Bruce Miller, showrunner of THE HANDMAID’S TALE joins Jenny Curtis in a “Stuck at Home” special of Hollywood Unscripted to discuss the show, his career, and the nature of the industry. Through the conversation they discuss: 


0:37 - Bruce’s experience during quarantine. 

1:10 - His early connection to the industry through his Dad, when he realized he was a writer and his first screenplay. 

3:03 - His path before success, getting fired several times and when he did and did not think about quitting. 

5:09 - Being drawn to stories about strong women, the strong women in his life, and being guided in how to properly tell those stories. 

6:26 - A time when the women thoroughly dissected an idea before it making it into the show. 

7:32 - The atmosphere of the writers room (and set) contrasting with the heaviness of the show. 

9:11 - How THE HANDMAID’S TALE series came to be, how Bruce got involved, and how long he’d been thinking about the project. 

11:24 - Meeting Margaret Atwood and working with her to make sure THE HANDMAID’S TALE series and the book THE TESTAMENTS fit together. 

15:17 - Navigating the characters survival in the danger set in the world of Gilead. 

17:13 - Elizabeth Moss; the effect she’s had on the character of June, her professionalism, and being an EP. 

19:05 - Creating a slower pace for the story and June/Offred’s internal conflict. 

22:09 - June’s mental state in season 3, favorite moments from the season and how pieces of dialogue can be very effective. 

23:07 - The character of Emily and the subtlety of Alexis Bledel. 

24:37 - The possible influence of society on the story and not inventing cruelties. 

26:27 - The absence of people of color in the book and why Bruce decided against using that story point in the show. 

28:49 - Creating the look of the show and how all departments work together in the development of it. 

30:20 - The purposeful detail in the art design and not explaining decisions to the audience. 

33:10 - Bradley Whitford coming on the show and the development of his character,  Commander Lawrence. 

34:43 - The character of Nick and Jenny’s misunderstanding of his story. 

36:36 - Taking the mystery out of an anticipated confrontation scene. 

37:32 - The status of season 4 and how quarantine has changed the writing process for the better. 

38:23 - The difficulty in scheduling and the benefit to having table reads. 

40:24 - Sharing some insights into the coming season

42:12 - Two things in Bruce’s past that he would revisit to change and the part of the industry that shouldn’t be indulged. 

44:55 - The job of a showrunner.  

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