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Hollywood Unscripted

Episode 30 - (In)Visible Portraits

(with Oge Egbuonu):

A Stuck at Home Special

Oge Egbuonu headshot by Ryan Eng.jpg

Image courtesy of Ryan Eng

Filmmaker Oge Egbuonu joins Hollywood Unscripted to discuss her powerful directorial debut, (IN)VISIBLE PORTRAITS

Filmmaker Oge Egbuonu joins Jenny Curtis on Hollywood Unscripted to talk about her powerful directorial debut, (IN)VISIBLE PORTRAITS. Through the conversation they discuss: 

  • 0:36 - The experience of the week after releasing the film 

  • 1:06 - Meeting EP Michael Meyer and how the film came to be. 

  • 3:15 - Why Oge hadn’t thought about being a director

  • 3:48 - Creating the structure and flow of the film. 

  • 7:27 - The artist Victoria Cassinova and the process of her involvement in the film. 

  • 9:01 - The poet Jazmine Williams and the process of her involvement in the film. 

  • 10:21 - The composer Jamey Heath and his process of creating the score. 

  • 11:23 - The research phase of this project and the revelatory things she learned. 

  • 13:32 - Dr. Joy Degruy’s introduction

  • 13:54 - How Oge found and got to know the subjects in the film, from the scholars to everyday women and girls. 

  • 15:38 - How she created an environment that allowed for true vulnerability and insisting upon an all-female crew. 

  • 17:13 - The subjects of the film and the story of Helen Jones. 

  • 20:55 - Having a variety of generations, careers and lifestyles in the film and remaining open to the process. 

  • 21:51 - Moving the release date from fall to Juneteenth. 

  • 23:47 - Facing rejection in the search of distribution and redirecting the approach. 

  • 24:31 - The personal effect that the research had on Oge and how she was able to take care of her mental health in the process. 

  • 26:36 - The choice of using parenthesis in the title, (In)Visible Portraits. 

  • 27:48 - Oge feeling invisible as a child, and finding herself feeling seen now. 

  • 29:29 - What she hopes to see happen in the next 20 years and the goal to have this film included in school curriculum. 

  • 31:09 - Realizing after picture-lock that the film was something special. 

  • 32:34 - Sitting with the film before being able to talk about it. 

  • 34:19 - Oge’s gratitude for the support she’s received 

Hosted by: Jenny Curtis

Executive Producer: Stuart Halperin

Producer & Editor: Jenny Curtis

Theme Music by: Celleste & Eric Dick

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