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Hollywood Unscripted

Episode 31 - Catherine Hardwicke: A Stuck at Home Special

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Director Catherine Hardwicke (TWILIGHT, THIRTEEN, LORDS OF DOGTOWN) discusses the path her career, working with actors and her new Quibi show, DON’T LOOK DEEPER.


With guest co-host, 

Dana Gourrier

Director Catherine Hardwicke joins host, Jenny Curtis, and guest co-host, Dana Gourrier in a virtual sit-down on HOLLYWOOD UNSCRIPTED. Throughout the conversation they discuss:

0:50 - How Catherine has spent her time during Quarantine. 

1:28 - Catherine’s beginning as an architect and the advice on creativity from her professors. 

2:32 - Why animation was not the right path for her. 

3:20 - The fun of designing TANK GIRL

3:55 - Learning to direct not only from classes, but from working with big directors in production. 

5:06 - Being confident in the work through massive preparation. 

6:00 - Catherine’s memory of Dana’s knockout audition for DON’T LOOK DEEPER. As well as Dana’s memory of her audition experience with Catherine. 

7:20 - What Catherine looks for in auditions and how she creates an atmosphere of play in the audition room. 

9:30 - The process of creating THIRTEEN with Nikki Reed, based on Nikki’s real-life experiences as a form of therapy. 

11:39 - Evan Rachel Wood’s quote of needing to be sexual and not sexual as a teenager and how Catherine kept the young women safe and comfortable on set. 

14:15 - Once Catherine moved to directing, she was ready to leave production design behind. 

14:43 - LORDS OF DOGTOWN and how it was the male coming-of-age story version of THIRTEEN

16:08 - Nikki Reed’s character in LORDS OF DOGTOWN

16:37 - Catherine’s love of working with young actors, but also her work with established performers. 

17:07 - Jenny’s favorite scene with Heath Ledger and Catherine’s experience working with him and witnessing his process. 

18:52 - TWILIGHT and the surprising blockbuster success. 

20:07 - Male directors being hired for YA blockbusters after Catherine’s success with TWILIGHT. 

21:31 - Catherine’s approach to seeking work. 

22:13 - Catherine’s love of action and how she applies that to her films. 

23:55 - How Catherine’s approach to storytelling begins with relating to the characters and how the visuals come naturally to her. 

24:41 - The action sequences in MISS BALA and working with the actors, Gina Rodriguez and Ismael Cruz Cordova. 

24:40 - DON’T LOOK DEEPER and Catherine’s interest in getting involved. 

28:26 - The difference in working in short form content. 

29:03 - Jenny and Dana’s connection to CalArts and Don Cheadle’s addition to DON’T LOOK DEEPER

29:39 - Having to direct both for vertical and horizontal mode for Quibi. 

31:05 - Finding and working with Helena Howard
32:17 - Finding a character through costume and Dana’s distinct necklace for her character in DON’T LOOK DEEPER. 

33:38 - The leap of faith in hiring Helena as the lead of the show and the work before the shoot. 

34:41 - The different genres Catherine has worked in and how she doesn’t define the divisions between them. 

35:54 - Finding ways to put personal passions in her screenplays and how TWILIGHT had a bigger affect on the audience because of it. 

37:35 - The architecture featured in DON’T LOOK DEEPER. 

38:12 - Looking back on THIRTEEN and not having anything Catherine would change. 

38:59 - The creative relationship with cinematographer Elliot Davis. 

39:55 - The delight and privilege of a career in storytelling. 


Hosted by: Jenny Curtis

Guest Host: Dana Gourrier

Executive Producer: Stuart Halperin

Producer & Editor: Jenny Curtis

Theme Music by: Celleste & Eric Dick

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