Hollywood Unscripted

Episode 32 - O-T Fagbenle

(Maxxx, Black Widow):

A Stuck at Home Special

Photographer: Emily Assiran

Groomer: Stacy Skinner

Stylist: Mindy Saad

O-T Fagbenle (THE HANDMAIDS TALE) joins Hollywood Unscripted to talk about his new Hulu show MAXXX and being a new part of the marvel universe in BLACK WIDOW.

O-T Fagbenle joins Jenny Curtis on Hollywood Unscripted to talk about THE HANDMAID’S TALE, being a new part of the marvel universe in BLACK WIDOW, and his new Hulu show MAXXX.


Through the conversation they discuss: 

1:02 - creating MAXXX

2:09 - working with Second City improvisers when developing the show. 


4:23 - a hiccup in starting production and changes that C4 wanted changes


6:21 - bringing on more weight to the production team


7:31 - reflections of O-T in the character of Maxxx. 


8:16 - exploring the cultural phenomenon of social media in the show. 


9:20 - O-T seeing himself in his characters and leaning into different parts of himself. 


10:23 - really embodying the character


11:18 - working with his brother Luti and the gift of working with family. 


12:13 - Getting Christopher Meloni involved


13:16 - The struggle of working on a passion project and the blessing of hiring a diverse crew. 


14:45 - Finding believable extras for the party scene by casting from a real fetish community. 


15:44 - The two opposing songs in MAXXX. 


17:16 - learning to play drums, guitar and bass specifically for the show. 


18:05 - loving to play in the cringe-worthy moments and the British tradition of that style of comedy. 


18:57 - getting Jourdan Dunn on the show and expanding her role. 


20:40 - the development of the character of Tamzin and the talent of Pippa Bennet-Warner.


22:19 - Maxxx’s adopted son and the dynamic of the non-binary love affair. 


26:40 - The joy of experiencing Luke’s pain in THE HANDMAID’S TALE


27:45 - The crew of THE HANDMAID’S TALE helping O-T prepare for MAXXX. 


28:24 - The best advice showrunner Bruce Miller had for writing. 


29:18 - The funeral scene in MAXXX being the seed of the idea for his character. 


29:50 - Joining the Marvel Universe with BLACK WIDOW and the surreal path his career has taken. 


32:07 - Almost passing on the audition for BLACK WIDOW and his story of booking the role. 


35:47 - Trying to not care about accolades and focusing on what’s important. 


36:44 - His charity, ABC foundation (find more at www.abcfoundation.me)


38:24 - Choosing theater or film, the relationship with the audience, and the style of writing in theater. 


40:15 - Loving the language of Shakespeare and Jenny’s favorite Shakespearean insult. 


41:21 - Final thoughts on MAXXX and finding peace. 


Find more about O-T's charity ABC Foundation: https://www.abcfoundation.me 


Hosted by: Jenny Curtis

Executive Producer: Stuart Halperin

Producer & Editor: Jenny Curtis

Theme Music by: Celleste & Eric Dick