Episode 33 - Tony McNamara:

A Stuck at Home Special

Showrunner Tony McNamara joins Hollywood Unscripted to discuss his Emmy-nominated show, THE GREAT, and his life in storytelling.

Showrunner Tony McNamara joins host Jenny Curtis to talk about his career, his life in storytelling and his Emmy-nominated Hulu hit, THE GREAT. Throughout the conversation, they discuss: 

0:36 - Tony’s experience in quarantine in Australia. 

1:30 - His beginnings in finance and finding his path to writing

3:03 - His first play, which was produced by the Sydney Theatre Company. 

4:00 - His experience with film school. 

5:30 - Returning to work with STC. 

6:11 - His play, THE GREAT, and writing for Robyn Nevin. 

7:24 - Turning the play into a screenplay, which landed in the hands of Yorgos Lanthimos

7:45 - Coming on board THE FAVORITE to work on the screenplay and working off a script originally by Deborah Davis

9:09 - Knowing casting THE GREAT would be difficult, and finding his Peter in Nicholas Hoult.

10:26 - Elle Fanning’s involvement as lead actress and EP

12:20 - Finding an ensemble with the necessary comedic and dramatic skills. 

13:14 - Communicating style to the writers room and staffing the room with specific skills. 

14:22 - The interesting historical facts they found (including the pregnancy test used in the show)

15:28 - Finding the humor through his characters. 

16:36 - The casual violence in the show. 

16:47 - Elle’s nerves about her comedic experience. 

17:45 - The tool of sex throughout the story. 

20:18 - Tony’s favorite aspect of these characters. 

21:07 - The big job of the Production designer. 

21:50 - The first and last days of production on THE GREAT. 

24:13 - Getting picked up for season 2

25:25 - Handwriting the first draft. 

26:23 - Tony’s perspective on a life in storytelling. 


Hosted and Produced by: Jenny Curtis

Executive Producer: Stuart Halperin

Edited and Co-Produced by: J Whiting

Theme Music by: Celleste & Eric Dick

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