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Episode 37 - Harry Bradbeer (Enola Holmes): A Stuck at Home Special

Photo Credit: Alex Schneideman alsch.work

Director Harry Bradbeer (FLEABAG, KILLING EVE, RAMY), discusses his career, process, and new film ENOLA HOLMES. 

Director Harry Bradbeer (FLEABAG, KILLING EVE, RAMY) joins host Jenny Curtis to talk about his career, process, and new film ENOLA HOLMES. Through the conversation they discuss: 


0:50 - The nature of the pandemic 

1:19 - Harry’s parents 

1:45 - Finding the arts and connecting to entertainment

3:47 - His first short film

4:44 - Going to America for film school 

6:31 - Writing to John Schlesinger, his love of MIDNIGHT COWBOY, his connection to John, and his experience of meeting and working with him. 

9:41 - What he said in the letter to John and John’s unique way of introducing Harry to people. 

11:29 - Getting involved with Phoebe Waller-Bridge, identifying with FLEABAG, and working as a team to shape the story. 

15:05 - The style of the balance and collaboration between Harry and Phoebe. 

17:53 - Developing the tool of breaking the fourth wall and how the second series took it further. 

20:11 - How they found the inspiration for the story of the second series. 

21:09 - Why it isn’t hard to let go of the show now that it has ended. 

24:00 - When FLEABAG may reappear. 

24:19 - Why he says series instead of season. 

24:31 - How he came on board for KILLING EVE and how he connected to the script. 

27:33 - How directing a pilot is a bigger responsibility than directing subsequent episodes in a show. 

28:29 - Getting into the world of RAMY. 

30:24 - Being drawn in by the ENOLA HOLMES script

31:40 - The challenges of fight sequences and how they found a way to keep telling the story through the fights in ENOLA HOLMES. 

33:18 - Breaking of the fourth wall in ENOLA HOLMES and what originally made Harry nervous about it. 

35:20 - Enola’s line of “our future is up to us” and the other powerful messages for audiences. 

36:12 - Working in period pieces. 

37:44 - Working with Millie Bobby Brown and developing the role of Enola. 

40:16 - The challenges Millie faced in leading the cast, but how she stepped up to the challenge.

41:11 - Discussing the transitional “pop-up” animations. 

43:26 - A specific scene that Harry loved shooting and building the world of London. 

46:32 - A scene that got cut from the film and why keeping a tight cut is important. 

47:30 - Having a life in storytelling. 

Spoiler alert! Director Harry Bradbeer reveals how the final (and his favorite) scene of ENOLA HOLMES was a late addition to the film. 


Hosted and Produced by: Jenny Curtis

Executive Producer: Stuart Halperin

Edited and Co-Produced by: J Whiting

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