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Episode 39 - Julie Taymor (The Glorias): A Stuck at Home Special

Director Julie Taymor (FRIDA, ACROSS THE UNIVERSE) discusses her amazing career in the arts, from Lion King on Broadway to her new film THE GLORIAS. 

Director Julie Taymor joins host Jenny Curtis to talk about her amazing career in the arts, from Lion King on Broadway to her new film THE GLORIAS. Through the conversation they discuss: 

1:07 - Julie’s experience during quarantine. 

1:51 - How she connected to Gloria Steinem and began the process of THE GLORIAS

4:59 - Developing a core image to build a story around in THE LION KING, MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM, and THE GLORIAS. 

7:00 - Having the film come out at this time and how the original concept was adjusted after the 2016 election. 

11:18 - Reaching a younger audience

12:08 - The women who have raised their voices, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and the importance of voting. 

15:01 - Collaborating with playwright Sarah Ruhl on THE GLORIAS screenplay. 

15:56 - Gloria Steinem’s involvement, her trust in Julie through the process and the shared wavelength they were on. 

18:10 - Working with Alicia Vikander and Julianne Moore in their development of their individual Glorias. 

20:40 - The conversation Julie would be having with herself on Julie’s ‘bus out of time’ and finding inspiration from her younger self. 

22:44 - Having perspective on the US

23:09 - The legacy of THE LION KING and the freedom it has given her. 

25:51 - Dealing with death in THE LION KING, a family who found understanding in the show, and how art can ease pain. 

29:20 - TITUS and the experience of Julie’s first film. 

31:10 - Anthony Hopkins’ challenge in diving into the character of Titus. 

32:49 - Connecting with Salma Hayek and directing FRIDA

34:20 - How working with Harvey Weinstein did not tarnish the memory of the making of FRIDA. 

36:01 - Finding Joe Anderson and Jim Sturgess for ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, attaching the rest of the cast and rehearsals for the piece. 

38:18 - Evan Rachel Wood’s first day on set singing live. 

39:27 - The activism in ACROSS THE UNIVERSE being relevant today.

41:01 - The life of storytelling. 


Hosted and Produced by: Jenny Curtis

Executive Producer: Stuart Halperin

Edited and Co-Produced by: J Whiting

Theme Music by: Celleste & Eric Dick

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