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Hollywood Unscripted

Episode 42 - Zoe Lister-Jones

(The Craft: Legacy):

A Stuck at Home Special

Zoe Lister-Jones Headshot 2020.tif

Photo Credit: Daryl Wein

Actress, Writer, Director, and Producer Zoe Lister-Jones discusses her multifaceted career including her experiences working in both micro-budget projects and studio filmmaking, acting as a series regular on LIFE IN PIECES, her newest endeavor as the writer & director of THE CRAFT: LEGACY, and so much more.

Actress/Writer/Director/Producer Zoe Lister-Jones joins host Jenny Curtis to talk about her career and life as a creative. Through the conversation they discuss: 

0:56 - The rollercoaster of her career ambitions and the struggle to decide on a creative path. 

2:39 - The core of Zoe’s parents teaching her to be an artist. 

4:09 - Going from the world of theater into the world of film. 

5:20 - Being on WHITNEY, learning from Whitney Cummings, and her favorite memory of that time. 

6:28 - How she made her first film with her partner, Daryl Wein - BREAKING UPWARDS. 

10:14 - The ease of embodying a character based on herself. 

11:40 - LOLA VERSUS and working on her first studio film. 

13:44 - LIFE IN PIECES and working on an ensemble show. 

15:42 - Creating a supportive environment with an all female crew and a cast of friends on her directorial debut, BAND AID. 

17:56 - Playing the music live on set. 

18:10 - Getting the idea for a couple that turns their fights into song for BAND AID. 

19:28 - Deciding to direct and facing her fear. 

20:57 - The path to THE CRAFT: LEGACY and determining the story she wanted to tell in it. 

23:00 - Walking the line of paying homage to the original and creating a new story for THE CRAFT: LEGACY

23:39 - Working with VFX for the first time. 

25:42 - Directing without acting in the film. 

27:04 - A scene in the film that portrays genuine kindness and creating a narrative where women support each other. 

29:01 - Always being aware of the representation of women in media 

30:11 - Giving objects meaning when creating a good energy on set and having an intention setting ceremony before the shoot. 

32:02 - Starting a shoot with an activity in community. 

33:34 - Overcoming self doubt. 

35:29 - Her Halloween plans. 

35:46 - The responsibility in having a life in storytelling. 


Hosted and Produced by: Jenny Curtis

Executive Producer: Stuart Halperin

Edited and Co-Produced by: J Whiting

Theme Music by: Celleste & Eric Dick

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