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Hollywood Unscripted

Episode 44 - Alan Ball and

Stephen Root (Uncle Frank):

A Stuck at Home Special


Writer/director Alan Ball (TRUE BLOOD, AMERICAN BEAUTY) and actor Stephen Root (BARRY, OFFICE SPACE) talk process, career paths and their new film, UNCLE FRANK. 

Writer/director Alan Ball and actor Stephen Root join host Jenny Curtis to talk about their processes, career paths and new film, UNCLE FRANK. Through the conversation they discuss: 

1:02 - their experiences in quarantine

1:42 - Alan’s history and how it inspired Uncle Frank

3:29 - Stephen being drawn in by the script

4:40 - Why now was the time to make this film

5:05 - Casting Alan’s wishlist of actors

6:00 - Stephen’s take on Alan’s directing style

6:34 - Alan’s take on working with Stephen as an actor

7:57 - The cast’s fun off-set

8:28 - Alan’s memories from set

9:20 - Starting in theater in each of their careers and making the switch to film/tv

11:50 - Alan’s Oscar win with AMERICAN BEAUTY

12:58 - Being drawn to dark comedy

13:55 - Stephen’s experiences on the set of BARRY

15:42 - BARRY episode 5’s unique character and storyline 

17:23 - TRUE BLOOD and the scene that Alan could not believe they made. 

18:30 - Stephen’s time on TRUE BLOOD

19:11 - The best death scene Stephen has had. 

19:37 - Alan’s writing process in TV versus Film

20:49 - Sounding boards Alan has for writing

21:35 - Alan writing direction into the script

22:32 - Stephen working with directors who have written the script (including the Coen Brothers, Mike Judge, and Ben Stiller)

23:42 - One of the most memorable direction Stephen has received

24:19 - How Alan figures out communication with each actor

25:03 - Stephen’s process in creating a character, but in live action and in voice work

27:39 - Finding inspiration 

28:39 - Alan’s reviewing of his scripts

29:30 - Working with Paul Bettany

30:44 - Alan seeing his scripts come to life

31:26 - Stephen learning on set every day

31:53 - Challenges Alan faces

32:32 - Reinforced lessons from UNCLE FRANK

33:26 - Meditating for Alan to deal with stress

34:00 - The inspirations that they steal from in their crafts

35:20 - Their need to have a life in storytelling


Hosted and Produced by: Jenny Curtis

Executive Producer: Stuart Halperin

Edited and Co-Produced by: J Whiting

Theme Music by: Celleste & Eric Dick

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