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Episode 45 - David E. Talbert (Jingle Jangle): A Stuck-At-Home Special

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Writer/Director David E. Talbert to discuss his spectacular new holiday film, JINGLE JANGLE: A CHRISTMAS JOURNEY. With Guest co-host, Nik Walker. 

Writer/Director David E. Talbert joins host Jenny Curtis and guest co-host Nik Walker to discuss his spectacular new holiday film, JINGLE JANGLE: A CHRISTMAS JOURNEY. 


0:30 - Nik Walker’s introduction, discussion of HAMILTON, his podcasts THE CHAOS TWINS & LITTLE JUSTICE, the experience of playwriting, and who he is as an artist. 

4:37 - David E Talbert joins the conversation

5:22 - Nik and Jenny’s impressions of JINGLE JANGLE

6:04 - The initial idea of JINGLE JANGLE being thought of for theater and how it became a film. 

7:22 - David’s son’s seeing himself in JINGLE JANGLE, representation, and creating a universal story. 

9:45 - The movies that inspired the innovation aspect of the film

10:20 - Creating beautiful songs that move the plot with Philip Lawrence and John Legend

12:33 - The 11 o’clock hour song, ‘Make It Work’ and how that number broke the form. 

15:55 - Deciding to cast Phylicia Rashad

16:48 - Meeting Forest Whitaker at a vegan restaurant to discuss the film and casting him as someone he could trust to be a strong #1 on the call-sheet

18:33 - The professionalism of Madalen Mills and her ability to light up the camera. 

19:58 - The amazing experience of Forest Whitaker singing live on set. 

21:24 - Keegan-Michael Key nailing his challenging song. 

22:30 - Discovery on set, costuming and detailing in the design. 

24:13 - Inspiration pulled from HUGO. 

24:59 - Nik’s impression of the imagery in Journey’s song and David’s decision to put her (safely) on the roof. 

27:29 - The choreography in the film

28:27 - the animation for Ricky Martin’s role

28:45 - Doing pre-records of the song and being able to break the rules by not knowing them

29:47 - Changing the first song a week before shooting. 

30:40 - Adding to the shoot while filming. 

32:26 - What the concept was when JINGLE JANGLE was going to be a piece of theater and bringing it back to the stage in the future. 

35:25 - Being ‘The Christmas Movie’ guy by accident

36:31 - Remembering the dichotomy of the holidays 

38:47 - David’s connection to Jeronicus Jangle and his parallels to JINGLE JANGLE

40:39 - The creation of Ms. Johnston’s background trio. 

43:30 - A life in storytelling


Hosted and Produced by: Jenny Curtis

Guest Co-Host: Nik Walker

Executive Producer: Stuart Halperin

Edited by: J Whiting

Theme Music by: Celleste & Eric Dick

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