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Episode 23 - UPGRADE YOUR BELIEFS with Get-Fit Guy Podcast Host and Coach

Brock Armstrong


Get-Fit Guy Podcast host and coach Brock Armstrong talks about common belief systems around exercise, diet, genetics, and aging. Train your brain: it's as important as moving your body daily!

Are you ready to start a new year and set new goals? Connecting to your true heart’s desires and understanding the deeper meaning of your goals are going to help you get ignited and stick with it. Changing your behavior is inevitable when you want to accomplish and experience new things.

If our thoughts and perceptions influence behavior then we may want to take a closer look at our daily thoughts and perceptions and see where we can break through some limiting beliefs;  Upgrade some old software to achieve the goals and improve our quality of life.


1:26 What sort of problems do people have with their goal setting?

5:20 The power of exercise and it’s effect on the brain

7:15 Is indulging more pleasurable than moderation?

10:25 How do we change our negative self talk and poor thought system?

14:34 Limiting beliefs are always our choice

18:20 How do we change a behavior or thought that we’ve had for our whole life?

24:07 Choose to talk about yourself and your situation in a positive light

25:50 What is Brocks morning routine?

28:33 Tips on goal setting for the new year


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Hosted by: Jill de Jong

Produced & Edited by: AJ Moseley

Sound Engineer: Steve Rieckeberg

Medical Disclaimer

Content here and in this podcast is for informational purposes only. It does not substitute any medical advice, and does not replace any medical judgment by your health provider. Always seek a licensed physician or professional provider for health related questions and issues.


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