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Episode 27 - FROM SELF-SABOTAGE TO SUCCESS with Actress & Writer Nadine Velazquez

Are you a self sabotager? It's time to get out of your own way! In this intimate conversation, actress and writer Nadine Velazquez shares how a second chance made her life long dreams come true: Lacking drive, passion, and a sense of self, Nadine was in a dark time in her life. But, with an extraordinary turn of events, and help from the renown Will Smith, she grabbed the chance, put in the work, and showed up to fulfill her greatest dreams and aspirations.

In this episode, Nadine shares her story in-depth: from her self-sabotaging habits that led to her being fired from a major role (cast opposite of Will Smith), to grabbing the chance of a lifetime. Nadine discusses that even though it was far from easy, she showed up, did the work, and dug deep to get it done. The lack of purpose that she experienced had been replaced by a new, purposeful drive and now she's writing her own show with Will Smith as the executive producer.

Second chances are game changers!

Nadine Velazquez is an actress with an extensive resume on television and film. Her career began with a fun and sexy role on the hit comedy show My Name is Earl. She’s known for starring in other hits such as, Real Husbands of Hollywood, Major Crimes, and opposite Denzel Washington in the film, Flight.

Episode Timestamps:

1:29 What is the most memorable moment of Nadine’s acting career?

4:22 Building trust in yourself

5:55 What is the inspiration behind Nadine’s new TV show Latina?

8:17 Learning to create a TV show with no experience!

10:00 Emotionally maneuvering from acting into writing

11:59 What is a “tramedy” show?

12:35 How does Nadine shake-off the character emotions that she develops when acting?

13:30 Mentally preparing for a fully nude scene on set

15:30 Nadine’s thoughts on beauty as she gets older

17:40 Nadine’s thoughts on medical aesthetic procedures

20:50 The power of meditation, positive thinking, and God


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