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Episode 29 - Redefining Meditation with Meditation Teacher & Pilates Instructor Mimi Bouchard

Have you never really enjoyed meditation? Would you rather move your body than sit still? Meditation teacher Mimi Bouchard redefines meditation by introducing innovative movement meditations: a hybrid mix of manifestation, visualization, walking/ running /stretching & Pilates. This meditation is not just about quieting the mind; it's about conditioning the mind to create the positive change you'd like to experience in your life. 

If we keep doing the same things all over again nothing is going to change. We need need actionable steps, do the work and become the person we envision ourselves to be in the near future. With new thoughts, new habits and actions form, and that will shape your next chapter.

Mimi also shares how she created her online thriving business during the pandemic,  how  to un-numb yourself and how limiting your technology use can make room for the things you now don't have time for.

Visit mimimethod.com and sign up for a seven day free trial for Mimi's innovative moving mediations.

Episode Timestamps:

1:15 How has Mimi used meditation to create change in her life?

5:18 How is Mimi’s meditation platform different than traditional “quieting the mind” practice?

7:00 Feeling abundance attracts abundance

8:40 Practice and doing the work is necessary to achieving the goal

9:43 How does one work on self-worth and realizing that we deserve everything we want?

13:00 How do we build inner confidence?

15:35 How can we “show-up” more for ourselves?

17:15 How did Mimi gain the confidence to try a new business model during the pandemic?

20:30 What drew Mimi to focusing her new business on meditation?

24:52 Mimi's top 3 reason why you should meditate?


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Hosted by: Jill de Jong

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