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with Author and Nutritionist Liana Werner Gray

Is your food adding undue anxiety? Liana Werner Gray, certified nutritionist, natural food chef, and author of Anxiety Free with Food, reveals which food deficiencies and chemicals added to your food can cause anxiety. (WHAT?!) This episode is all about how to best manage your anxiety: by elevating your food choices, getting enough rest, and reframing your thoughts.

Stress and anxiety come in many forms and from many sources: the pandemic, relationships, past trauma, finances, etc. the list goes on! But by introducing anxiety reducing habits in your life, you can start to relieve the pressure by making simple, healthy choices. Get ready to be inspired and take action!

Episode Timestamps: 

2:06 Liana shares how anxiety has impacted her life and what was the cause

4:25 Where can you get an omega and amino profile test?

4:50 How has Liana’s life changed by taking supplements?

5:32 What does Liana recommend most people should remove from their diet?

6:26 How bad is refined sugar actually for us?

8:00 What sorts of fats should we avoid?

9:03 Avoiding chemicals/dyes that are hidden in foods.

11:22 Liana shares her special healthy cookie dough recipe.

12:48 What is Liana’s morning routine?

15:20 The experience of moving away from a big city.

19:17 Using tools to help get in control of your mind.

21:00 Liana shares her daily pre-bed routine.

21:43 What is in Liana’s brand new supplement?

23:00 Details on the supplement giveaway!

25:00 Why and how much for dark leafy greens?

26:00 Chlorophyl as a supplement.

26:45 Eating good healthy fats and anxiety reducing foods.

29:17 Always start your day by “swallowing the frog.”

30:00 How organizing your outside life can help your mental game.

35:50 Don’t forget about the Models Do Eat book. :) 


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