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Episode 36 - BREATHE BETTER, LIVE LONGER with Breath Work Expert Niraj Naik

Are you in a low vibrational state? Is your breath compromised by stress? Renegade pharmacist, breath work expert Niraj Naik offers advice and exercises to bring balance and harmony back in your body & mind with breathing exercises. You’ll learn about the benefits of breath types (reduced breathing, breath holds, nose breathing, diaphragm/belly breathing), the root lock, and the power of guided rhythmic breathing meditation.

The quality of every breath we take matters! It’s quite miraculous that we humans breathe without making a conscious effort, and our breath adapts to all circumstances: eating, sleeping, exercising, etc.  Did you know that shallow breathing can negatively affect our health (and the opposite is true too.) 

When you learn to breathe better you can slow down, reverse the aging process, and improve your health.

Episode Timestamps:

1:47 How did Niraj get started as a renegade pharmacist?

4:59 What was the one thing the had the biggest impact on healing Niraj’s colitis?

7:45 Why is shortening our breath healthy? What is hypoxia?

13:23 What sorts of things cause over breathing?

15:28 Is HIIT training bad for us? 16:35 What is a root-lock technique?

20:30 The in’s and out’s of breath retention

25:20 What is brain-wave music technology?

29:30 Example clip of Niraj implementing music into his breathing techniques?

32:04 Heart-rate vs breathing-rate?

33:25 What is the “right” way to breath?

35:48 Niraj shares about vibrational energy and elevating his state

38:50 Niraj shares one thing that most people don’t know about him

42:10 Full SOMA breathing lesson clip!


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