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Episode 38 - GOOD FOR YOU, GOOD FOR THE PLANET with Author and Podcast Host Darin Olien

How can we make better decisions for ourselves and for the planet? Author, Podcast host, and co-host of  Down to Earth with Zac Efron Darin Olien shares how our small contributions can truly make a difference! Darin shares how to vote with every dollar you spend, how to protect yourself from EMF's, and how to make a difference for yourself and the planet with everyday decisions - they may seem small, but they really do add up!

We are all aware of increasing climate change, melting ice issues, rising air pollution, toxins in our food, and it can all feel pretty daunting! But what can we do? The decisions we make day-to-day impact the current and future state of the environment.


Though you may already take part in recycling, Darin shares a multitude of ways to decrease your environmental impact such as buying local, fresh produce, purchasing from environmentally conscious brands, and so much more! If you're looking to have a healthy Earth, and sustain it for future generations, you're going to love this episode!


Episode Timestamps: 

1:58 Darin shares why he is now living in a yurt

3:30 Growing your own produce and becoming self sustainable

5:30 Darin shares how he grew up, and how he became focused on health and wellness

7:40 Fulvic and travel minerals, sacred geometry, and the things that have blown Darin’s mind recently

9:22 Sacred meals while traveling

12:00 3 things the average person can do that benefits both them and the planet

20:21 What is the baruka nut, and why should we care?

24:30 All things EMF. What is it? And what can we do to help ourselves?

31:00 Grounding. Placing our feet on raw Mother Nature. Do we even need to worry? 


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Hosted by: Jill de Jong

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