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Episode 44 - IS ALCOHOL HOLDING YOU BACK? with Alcohol-Free Lifestyle Expert Amanda Kuda

Would you benefit from drinking less alcohol? This week’s guest, alcohol-free lifestyle expert Amanda Kuda talks in-depth about drinking and how it affects our mind, body, and life. 

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We often drink because we want to “be more” and “feel less”. Even though drinking is socially acceptable and seems pretty harmless (when not drinking excessively) alcohol can become a crutch and stunt emotional growth. A no-alcohol challenge like Dry January offers a reprieve - a reset - and a time to reflect on the impact alcohol has on our lives.  


Amanda explains that there are two types of people: moderators and abstainers ,and that it helps to know what category you fall into. 


Don't worry, this episode is NOT intended to get you to stop drinking alcohol all together, but to provide insight and to inspire you to take a closer look at your drinking habits.



2:10 Amanda’s history with alcohol

7:04 The benefits Amanda has felt living alcohol free

9:45 Great alcohol substitutes

12:16 The two personality archetypes of living life (with alcohol). Which one are you??

15:20 Why do people drink? Do you really need it?

19:07 How to handle social situations without alcohol (when alcohol is around)?

21:00 Test if you are an empath. Empath’s have a tendency to cover up stimulation with alcohol.

24:00 Dealing with friends not wanting you to quit drinking. Can be very difficult!

30:00 Is the root of drinking just connection seeking behavior?

32:00 Is alcohol stopping you from going in the direction you need?

33:34 What to say (when you aren’t drinking) when someone asks if you’d like a drink.


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Hosted by: Jill de Jong

Produced and edited by: AJ Moseley

Medical Disclaimer

Content here and in this podcast is for informational purposes only. It does not substitute any medical advice, and does not replace any medical judgment by your health provider. Always seek a licensed physician or professional provider for health related questions and issues.

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