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Episode 04 - Danny J: New Beginnings, Creating Revenue,

And The Art Of Finding Money

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NEW BEGINNINGS with speaker and podcast host Danny J.  Let this episode inspire you to be brave when it comes to new beginnings, getting out of debt, becoming more resourceful and creating a life on your terms.  Danny J proves that there is hope and a bright future after divorce, losing income and being diagnosed with a terrible health condition.

Mindfulness and Financial Health expert Danny J is committed to helping women find their TRUE issues. She’s not afraid to talk about what others don’t want to talk about.

Danny J tells her personal story of living through paralysis at age twenty-two, surviving bankruptcy, living in an RV, and demonstrating the power of finding her new beginning. 


3:30 - Danny J talks about living out of a suitcase, losing her business and starting over.

6:30 - Danny J talks about her “Find Your Money Project.” 

9:10 - Jill and Danny discuss the importance of creating a financial overview.

13:50 - Jill and Danny talk about how they both wound up living in an RV. 

21:30 - taking personal responsibility and becoming the person you want to be.

24:00 - At age twenty-two Danny J was paralyzed due to a bacterial infection while performing at Sea World.


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Hosted by: Jill de Jong

Guest: Danny J

Produced by: Mike Thomas

Theme Music by: Chris Porter

Sound Engineer: Michael Kennedy

Medical Disclaimer

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