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Episode 05 - Spiritual Teacher Candace Van Dell: Get Real About How You Feel & Heal


As a highly sensitive person Candace felt highly misunderstood; she was diagnosed with ADHD and started taking medication that numbed her feelings for the next ten years. An out of body experience at age 16 changed everything for her; she got off the medication and started to feel her real self again. Being highly sensitive is a gift that Candace uses to help others heal emotional wounds, getting rid of belief systems  and recognizing toxic relationships. She brings so much light and clarity to difficult subjects,

she is a joy to listen to.

Candace Van Dell joins Life Done Better to share ways of learning to love yourself through treating yourself right, facing fear, and her path of spiritual healing through her personal experiences and coaching. Candace traded in her life as a model and actress to become a Spiritual Coach, certified in Spiritual Psychology, and helps her clients heal emotional wounds to live an authentic life.


2:32 - Jill and Candace talk about how they met and their instant connection at a casting

3:15 - Candace shares her experience being born with ADHD and a heightened intuition, how she medicated in order to cope, and what it felt to leave the medications behind

7:00 - How Candace discovered Spiritual Healing and her out of body experience, which prompted her to finally leave her medications behind

9:58 - Jill asks Candace how to detect emotional wounds and recognize toxic relationships

13:20 - How to give yourself the permission to feel and heal

15:16 - Candace shares experiences about her career transition, what prompted her to leave the modeling industry and begin Spiritual Healing and how her intuition guided her to live a more authentic life

21:20 - The impact Candace has on her clients, their response to her work, and what it means to her

23:08 - Candace gives advice for those who know the changes they want to make in their life, but not sure how to get there - and how to learn to treat yourself right and love yourself.

27:30 - What changed Candace's mind and convinced her to do her first triathlon


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Hosted by: Jill de Jong

Guest: Candace Van Dell

Produced by: Mike Thomas

Theme Music by: Chris Porter

Sound Engineer: Michael Kennedy

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