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Episode 06 - Celebrity Trainer and Yoga Instructor Kim Strother:

Feeling Better in Your Body

Trade your weight loss goals for experience goals. Focus on feelings instead of a number on the scale. Become your own food detective and fine tune your diet.  Let Kim’s nuggets of wisdom inspire you to make some lasting changes that you’ll actually enjoy. Kim was diagnosed with Lyme disease and  for two years of being sick and taking many courses of antibiotics she had to build her health back. One of the things that helped her was changing her diet;  from vegetarian to Paleo.

Kim Strother is a wellness coach, personal trainer, and yoga instructor. As one of LA's top celebrity trainers, and she's spent over a decade creating individualized health plans for clients, including her popular '30 Day In-Home Bootcamp Experience.' Kim has been a featured fitness instructor at studios and workshops across the country including Barry's Bootcamp and Summit Series. 


1:53 - How can we stay active and healthy during these uncertain times? And the importance of self-care.

4:58 - How do we stay motivated?

7:59 - What are ways we can build self-confidence, and how can we feel better in our bodies?

9:45 - Kim shares her experience being diagnosed with Lyme Disease and the changes she made to help herself feel better.

10:44 - What prompted Kim to adapt a Paleo diet in her lifestyle?

13:42 - Kim shares about overcoming struggles in her life and how to deal with self-doubt, especially during a pandemic when everything is so uncertain.

16:14 - Kim becomes a ‘food detective’ and gives suggestions to those to are already on a fitness journey but not seeing results in this moment and how to optimize your health.

19:28 - Jill shares how she investigates food journals with her clients and how she uses it to help them achieve optimal health and empower them to make positive changes

21:22 - What does ‘healthy’ mean?

21:46- How reading food labels puts you in charge.

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