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Episode 07 - Yoga Teacher and Health Coach Debbie Lash: One Decision Away From Being Unstuck!


Debbie Lash, yoga teacher and health coach, shares about self-medicating, feeling lost, and hitting rock bottom. 

Debbie turned her life around and started a new career in her mid-forties, after making one powerful decision, resulting in many other great decisions that made her thrive again and regain her health. Debbie and Jill also share about their number one health tip, their 20+ year friendship, and how they like to challenge themselves and just say "yes” to life! 


2:40 - Debbie Lash discusses her breakdown and recovery

8:40 - Establishing self-worth and confidence

12:00 - Why "Wifey"

16:20 - Accountability Partners and overcoming fear

19:00 - Beneficial bacteria and 'gut health'

20:30 - Training discipline

26:50 - Getting kids to eat healthy

29:30 - The importance of moving your body


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Hosted by: Jill de Jong

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Narrator 00:00

From Curtco Media. 


Jill de Jong 00:04 

Life Done Better. This podcast is produced for all the unicorns who strive to create a life on their own terms, don't take life too seriously, and are on a mission to make a positive impact in this world. In the show, we're getting real about daily struggles and obstacles and how to best navigate through difficult times and challenges in life. So you can make better decisions for yourself and feel healthy, confident and aligned. Feel less alone and more connected. We're in this together. From my heart to yours. Welcome to another episode of Life Done Better. Today I have my best friend Debbie Lash sitting next to me at the Curtco podcast studio in Malibu. We've known each other for 20 years. It all started in London. Debbie casted me to represent a game character and action heroine Lara Croft, we traveled the world together for a year and a half to promote the game, the Angel of Darkness. We opened the Tomb Raider ride at Paramount Parks in Cincinnati, performed a trade shows like E3 in LA and did interviews, photoshoots, TV shows and meet and greets in Italy, Holland, Spain, Scandinavia all over the place. Debbie worked for IoS, a computer game publisher for 10 years but left that career behind once she gave birth to her first child. For about six years she was a stay at home mom and lost her identity and felt really stuck until a very wise person, me, said to her, you are one decision away from being unstuck. And one decision led to many other great decisions and I'm so proud of this girl. Today, Debbie is the busiest yoga teacher I know. She is a Yoga Works trained teacher and certified Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She is a yogi, a health coach, a mother, a wife and a fun seeker, a New Zealander who loves living in the city of angels, and I'm lucky to call her my best friend. Welcome to the show sweet, Lashy.


Debbie Lash 02:10

Good morning, Jill!


Jill de Jong 02:11

Hello. So good that you're here with me today. Because I feel like we have a past together that I don't have with a lot of people because I've lived in many places. And we did start our friendship and it was a working relationship at first in a different place a different country. And now we're here in Malibu, and you live in Hollywood, I live in Malibu, tell me a little bit about that time that was really hard for you. And I remember wasn't too long ago that everything transformed for you after several years of struggling and self-medicating. Tell me a little bit about that. 


Debbie Lash 02:43

So, you can tell by my accent, I'm from New Zealand. And I spent 20 years there, and then another 23 years living in London. And from London, we moved to the US with our two young children. And we'd got a very exciting business opportunity, but it hadn't taken off. And all our money's invested. And with that became a huge impact of financial worry and fear. And I've always been very independent and never been in a position where I wasn't working, and didn't feel like I was providing and felt very insecure with the children and didn't really have a close circle of friends and family to support me. And you know, mommy's medicine bottle of red wine became a common theme in the house. And it wasn't looked at badly. And I didn't even know, it’d just become a little bit of a habit. I think a lot of people out there experiencing the same thing. And it's a numbing process. I wanted to get that quick fix thinking it was helping me relax. But what I really now understand now is that alcohol makes me feel quite sad. And it's not while I'm drinking it because I feel that immediate little oh, I feel good. But the next day I felt very low. So it became a vicious cycle. So I got into this little downward spiral and a lot of self-medicating and feeling energetically stuck, you know, I looked around, it’s LA and everyone's seems to be doing really well and well off. Yeah. And it's expensive to live here. And a lot of people we know are in the music industry. They're well established actors, and they've just got that pilot and it just from where I was standing, it was tricky. I didn't know it at the time. But I had a breakdown and with that breakdown showed up in my body is a rash and I got a rash from head to toe, which wouldn't go away. Three weeks later, I was in bed with a raving fever. I started to get really worried because I'm not a sick person. And I've never been to hospital other than to have my kids and don't spend any time at the doctor and so forth. So I didn't get out of bed out of for three weeks. The doctors came round gave me a shot of steroids and I seem to recover. 


Jill de Jong 04:57

What did they think it was?


Debbie Lash 04:58

 Well, I said I had an allergic reaction. But there was no real bedside 


Jill de Jong 05:02

An allergy to stress?


Debbie Lash 05:03

Yes, actually. She’s got a headache, a permanent headache. 


Jill de Jong 05:06

Didn’t your hair fall out? During that same period?


Debbie Lash 05:10

Right. So my hair started to fall out. And then I went to an acupuncturist who said to me, darling, I hate to tell you, but you're having a breakdown, you know, your body shut down the immune systems gone.


Jill de Jong 05:23

What did you think in that moment?


Debbie Lash 05:24

Well, I think when your hair's falling out, it doesn't get much worse than that. And I realized I really had hit rock bottom. You know, it's a cliche, but that's when suddenly the light bulb did go on. And I had my aha moments like, I got to get out of here. This does not feel like a good space for me. From there we took a trip, Jill was always very, we just always had a connection, we always want to play, have fun. So we dropped my kids off at school and went skiing for the day. So on our trip, I was sharing with Jill how stuck, energetically I felt stuck. And I didn't know what to do. And I was, at the time waiting for a job to come in, which seemed like it was a given it was through a very good friend. And she kind of promised me the world. And I was going to do the set design and the job wasn't coming in. And I was sharing my frustration with Jill and just saying, oh my God, I feel so stuck. And I don't know what to do with my life. And Jill said, well, Debbie, you only need to make one decision to be unstuck. And I was like, oh, I never looked at it like that, I was like, I felt like I had to do 10 things. We always feel like we've got to make these big goals to make a big change. But we don't we just could do one small decision. She said, so what do I mean, if this job doesn't come in? What's one thing that you would do to change the situation? I was like, I would do a yoga teacher training. Jill looked at me like what?


Jill de Jong 06:49

I mean, I couldn't believe it. I've known you for so long. I've never heard you talk about it. I'm like, How do I not know this?


Debbie Lash 06:55

You know, what I knew in my heart was the very first time I did yoga. When I was coming out of a very abusive relationship. I went to yoga, like a lot of broken people do. And I remember thinking I could be a yoga teacher. 


Jill de Jong 07:09

Well, I love the fact that you're always very open to receive guidance, because you can give advice or post a question like that. And you can say, whatever, or kind of brush it off, or you say, huh, let me really give that some thought. And I think asking good questions really can change direction beautifully. And so instead of shutting down a question or thinking that we know it all, or kind of like have to it has to be this way, or there's no other way, we can be more open, we can be guided in the most beautiful direction, because I'm jokingly but I'm also seriously saying it like you are the busiest yoga teacher I know. And I know a lot of yoga teachers here in LA. It's incredible. Like you wake up at the crack of dawn, you come home late at night, and then you make food for the kids. And last night you were gone again. What was your last class at 8:30?


Debbie Lash 07:54

8:15, yeah.


Jill de Jong 07:55

And I was just like that you came back around 10:30 at night. I mean, that's not every day. But I know you work your butt off. I know that your clients are extremely happy with you. But a funny thing is Debbie has not been doing this for very long. You started doing this about three?


Debbie Lash 08:09

Three and a half.


Jill de Jong 08:10

Three and a half years ago. And I remember that you were asking me about a price raise. And you were so insecure about asking more money. And can you wrote an exact amount? I think it was like from $25 to $40. 


Debbie Lash 08:24



Jill de Jong 08:25

Per hour, per session. And I was like, Debbie, you're fine. You can do this. And it was like, you know, now your rates are $175, $200. That right? And so it's gone up a lot. And obviously your confidence, but also your experience and the value that's added because now you’re a health coach, besides yoga, they're getting nutritional advice.


Debbie Lash 08:42

Yeah, but I think self-worth played a big role in my life. I'm very, very hard on myself. You know, I really do struggle with the money side of business, asking for more money and feeling worried that people look at me, like I'm being greedy, or that actually I'm not worth it. And it's taken a lot of work to really believe in myself. And it's actually constant every year I put my prices up, but it's a struggle, like how much do I ask for and I know other people that charge a lot more and it's just the good angel, the bad angel sitting each side kind of giving me different trains of thoughts. So my self-worth is a big one for me to to carry on believing in myself and lifting myself up and raising my vibration to know that I am worth that much money.


Jill de Jong 09:24

Absolutely. And you are worth it. You're delivering incredible energy because it's not just that when I walk into a client's home, I know that I'm not just there to talk about their nutrition and to give them a couple of exercises to complete an hour. I'm really there to talk to their soul. And you know, it's like you know, you you really tune in and you really make sure that they know that you really care and a lot of the healing is there that that you really care that they can feel you're not actually doing it for the money but it has to be worth your time because time is limited in this life, and we cannot buy time back. And so when I see you, your military schedule, I sometimes think like, wow, you know, I would really love for her to get a break, as in whatever it is could be sponsorship could be some extra money, so she can take some time off. And that actually brings me back to a very delicate time a very sad time for me a very difficult time for you. That was about five years ago, I was going through divorce. And at the time I lived in an RV, yes, an RV with my husband, and he was going to Burning Man in the RV by himself and I was working my butt off to pay our rent. But actually we didn't have rent because it was an RV, but paying our bills. And he came back and announced that he cheated. And that was just the last drop, so I had to tell him no more. I'm out and take your stuff and get out of the RV, please park it back in the same parking spot when you get back. It was a really hard braking event for me. We were together for 12 years. And he was my best friend. I think in the end, he was disappointed too that he did what he did. But it all happened for a reason. Now looking back, you know, we're all in good places. And we are even talking so that's fine. And but that time I want to go back to because when he brought back that RV, not only did he break my heart but also broke the RV. So and that was my home, the awning there was a hole in it. The steps weren't working. And it was filthy. The Burning Man dust sticks on everything forever. And the floor was damaged. I was like, holy moly. Wow, this really represents how much he cares. So I brought the RV to a repair shop. And I said Debs, can I please stay with you? Absolutely. She opened her doors. And I stayed with you for six weeks because that repair turned out to be a long process. But in those six weeks, you also needed me because your mother-in-law was dying. And he needed to be there and you couldn't go. And so I was helping you with the kids. And that's where we came up with the term wifey. So like we call each other wifey. And many people laugh, they're like, they may not know why. But — 


Debbie Lash 12:14

Yeah, I've had a couple of people raising their eyebrows wondering, are they that way? Inclined. And then other people have just, you know, have asked, Why do you guys call each other wifey. And I remember it so well. We were in the kitchen. The greatest joy about Jill coming into my house, wherever I am, is that anytime I turn around, it's like my fairy godmother has just been in and like everything's been wiped down and put away and I don't even have to ask. And I just look like, it's just you open your eyes. And then I turn around to Jill, and I was just like, oh my goodness, this is what it must feel like to have a wife that every time you turn round, everything's done. And she's like, and I was like you’re my wifey. And that's exactly where it comes from.


Jill de Jong 12:57

it's so fun to hear you even say that. So really funny. I'm sure a lot of you that listening can really tune into this excuse. Debbie said, well, I had two kids. And I don't think I'm ever going to have abs again. Right? You were like, Oh, do you really think that this last bit of 


Debbie Lash 13:14

It's the skin.


Jill de Jong 13:15

Skin, can can gain elasticity back? And I said, well, I've never had kids. But have you ever tried to do ab exercises every day laser focus on that spot, even though they say spot reducing is not really the way to go when it comes to losing weight. This is really about tightening. And Debbie said, No. So well, why don't you try that first? And then tell me if you really can't do it? And so, there was the challenge. You said yes. Once again.



Debbie Lash 13:45

Just say yes, see where it takes you. 


Jill de Jong 

And it was at 10 minutes, only 10 minutes. And we would be going even before going to sleep 10 minutes a day, 30 days. And so even after having two kids, you managed to get to your goal, obviously, you eat well. And it really only did take 10 minutes.


Debbie Lash 14:01

And really 10 minutes. That said I, you know, I do do a lot of other exercise that I think at the time I was spinning, but I definitely wasn't focusing on core. 


Jill de Jong 14:09

And that's why you didn't see any major results. 


Debbie Lash 14:12



Jill de Jong 14:13

So I hope actually, this inspires some of the listeners, even if it's 10 minutes a day to change something they'd like to see improvement to put in action.


Debbie Lash 14:20

Yeah, well just, even just by taking on the changes, changing a mindset. Doesn't matter what area of your body or mind you're focusing on, I think just energetically making a choice to make a change. There's the work.


Jill de Jong 14:33

Absolutely, I think so too. Let's take a quick commercial break and we'll be right back


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Jill de Jong 15:45

And we're back. we're drinking some tea. And after that is we're going to lunch actually Debbie asked me if we could go for a run. First I said, okay, I love that you invite me to a run.


Debbie Lash 15:57

Any opportunity to run by the beach definitely changes how I feel about running, I am not passionate about running not for one second. But running by the beach, I think just the hit of vitamin C, I'm a water person, the whole energy of taking myself through the paces definitely lifts, if I know I'm going to be down in Malibu for sure.


Jill de Jong 16:19

It makes a difference. And especially if you have an accountability partner. 


Debbie Lash 16:23

When you surround yourself with people that are very athletic and go getters and doing lots of different challenges and sporting events, it raises your vibration and you kind of feel more enthusiastic or you want to challenge yourself. You know a lot of people are very quick to say no, especially as we get older. I know a lot of women who fear, fear of falling over, fear of the unknown, and fear of not having enough time, fear about not being with their children. So no just stems from fear. And a wonderful quote. Another one that I learned from Jill, was just say yes, see where it takes you. So that became my mantra pretty much.


Jill de Jong 17:04

Does that get you into trouble at any time?


Debbie Lash 17:07

Well, like permanently. To the point even now with work. I'm just like, yes. Oh, new client? Yes, I'll do this. Yes, I'll do that. But actually, I found myself saying at the beginning of the year, just say no. And see where that takes you. Because now I do. 


Jill de Jong 17:22

You were over committed. 


Debbie Lash 17:23

Yeah. And I do you find it hard to say no. But saying yes is — 


Jill de Jong 17:27

It’s a good practice to say no to things that do not resonate as much or take up too much time or stress you out.


Debbie Lash 17:34

Yeah. And that's how we burn out by saying yes to too much. And nobody gets the best of you and your light can dim just by being tired. Exhausted. 


Jill de Jong 17:45

Yeah, I think I think that's one of the things that I still find challenging to balance because I feel so good, being focused, getting lots done, I feel like this constant bursts of energy, I don't get tired. And I can keep going. I don't stop the past week, my man flew back to Maui where we just built a beautiful home. And I've been by myself and I've been obviously a lot more social because you know, see my friends more. But also see that I don't take as good care of myself because, and this is I find interesting because when he's around me, I want to turn my phone off sooner at night. I want to like give him my undivided attention. I will cook a really nutritious meal, I want to take care of him. When I'm by myself. I'm like, Yeah, I can just work until 10, 11. And last night, it was midnight. And, and I usually sleep much earlier what like 9 or 10. And I will eat leftovers or crackers. And I'm like, so interesting. Why am I doing this? Why am I taking better care of myself when he's around? And it boils down to giving yourself permission to slow down, which I think you have a hard time with too. Because we are very responsible like we like to take care and we you know, we feel like —


Debbie Lash 18:59

We're nurturers. 


Jill de Jong 19:00

Yeah. But then also we need to always step back and say, okay, what do I need to do now to recharge. So tell me a little bit about your immune system, your gut was completely gone, as in a bad bacteria were ruling, the beneficial bacteria, good bacteria were gone. And so you needed to really build your immune system back up when you were rock bottom. How did you do that? And how do you continue to do that? Because the stress and the demands that you put on yourself daily, obviously take also away from your health at times.


Debbie Lash 19:31

The first time I had experience with gut health was about 20 so years ago, and I found out that I had Candida, and I didn't know at that point, I was seeing a therapist who was a healer on many different levels. And I told her the symptoms and we did some food testing. And back then I had to clean my whole diet up and it was a three month process. I read the whole book from front to start about Candida and all the symptoms and and a lot of people have got it and they don't know that they've got it even just being tired and fluctuating and —


Jill de Jong 20:12

Insane sugar cravings is also part of that. Right?


Debbie Lash 20:14

It is. So because the sugar is wrapped is feeding the Candida.


Jill de Jong 20:18

It thrives on sugar. 


Debbie Lash 

Yeah. And so I eliminated, it was really hardcore. But I was determined not to continue to live my life this way. And I always wonder why people put up with pain or put up with leaky gut and feel like they can't change it, because everybody can.


Jill de Jong 20:34

So do you think it's a lack of knowledge? Or is it a lack of determination or consistency?


Debbie Lash 20:39

I think a lot of it is discipline. 


Jill de Jong 20:43

And discipline is a muscle, right? It’s a muscle just like any other muscle in your body. You have to train it.


Debbie Lash 20:47

Right. Exactly. And you've got it. Yeah, you got to use it, you got to want the change. And that's why unfortunately, that's why we hit rock bottom. Because if you don't change, you will be forced to change and the change will be made for you whether you want it or not. And if you go to the bottom, which a lot of us do, there's only one way out. And that was eliminate sugar, yeast, wheat, gluten, the only thing I could basically eat was vegetables, fish, and brown rice. Quinoa did


Jill de Jong 21:17

Quinoa did not exist at that time. It was not popular yet. 


Debbie Lash 21:22

I don’t even know if I was eating kale back then either. 


Jill de Jong 21:23

Probably not. 


Debbie Lash 21:24

And I think going back to the question, to correct your gut, you just have to crowd out with green and really increase your water. And it's — 


Jill de Jong 21:34

You're a big apple cider fan. 


Debbie Lash 21:35

Yeah, right. 


Jill de Jong 21:36

Apple cider vinegar.


Debbie Lash 21:37

I think I learned that from you.


Jill de Jong 21:39

You did? Well, I tell everyone, because people do ask me if there was one thing you'd recommend me to do. One thing, what would you do so well alkalize your body and it could be drinking lemon water daily. Because lemon even though it's acidic, it's alkalizing for the body and an alkaline environment in your body is the one that thrives. No disease can thrive in an alkaline body.


Debbie Lash 22:03



Jill de Jong 22:04

Like new research shows that cancer can only thrive and multiply in an acidic environment. So somehow we do have control over our body and how it develops diseases. Of course, disease doesn't grow overnight. It's not like oh, our body is acidic for a week. And then you know, we get really, really sick, but we may get a cold if it's for a month. We may get some really nasty disease growing over years and years of having an acidic body. So alkalinity is something of the subject that is really, really a big fan to share about and apple cider vinegar is something that I've learned from my nutritionist when I was sick, and my pH was off of my body was acidic, and I was not feeling well. That was like one of the easiest thing to do. Yeah, just a teaspoon combined with water a couple of times a day. It really made a difference. And I said to the nutritionist back then, when can I see you again to make sure that that because I had also Candida in my body, how can we make sure that I'm clear? He's like, oh, no, I don't see need to see you back. If you continue doing this, you'll feel it. And he was right. I did feel it, I felt different. And there are pH test strips that you can buy on Amazon. They're kind of like test strips you would think of if you ever had a pool or jacuzzi, these are little strips that you just dip into the water and a number shows up and that indicates where you're at. Now you can pee on the strip or spit on the Strip. I think peeing on strip is more accurate with morning urine. And this way you can really see where you're at. And I think everyone that's listening should order these online on Amazon, go to their called pH test strips because you want to know if you have an acidic body or an alkaline body.


Debbie Lash 23:43



Jill de Jong 23:44

And trust me 9 out of 10 clients that I work with are acidic, so don't worry if you are acidic, acidic, but this is what you can do. So number one, apple cider vinegar.


Debbie Lash 23:53

Celery juice.


Jill de Jong 23:54

Celery juice on an empty stomach, preferably.


Debbie Lash 23:58

Lemon water.


Jill de Jong 23:59

Lemon water. So there's three liquids, then let's talk about more solids


Debbie Lash 24:03

Crowd out with greens, as much green on your plate as possible. Because the everything green is alkalizing.


Jill de Jong 24:09

Because the funny thing though, I'd have to say about apple cider vinegar. I hated it. In the beginning, I really disliked to taste and now I don't like plain water anymore. I want craving apple cider vinegar. So I think my body really knows that it's good for me. Isn't it interesting? How smart our bodies are like when Candida rules. It's screaming for sugar, right? And then when it's actually healthy, it's screaming for the kimchi or the apple cider vinegar. It would be so much easier if we would be craving the right things for when we need it most.


Debbie Lash 24:38

Right, well you know the thing with sugar, it’s so addictive. It's you know, nine times more addictive than cocaine.


Jill de Jong 24:45

Nine times? Holy moly.  


Debbie Lash 24:46

Nine times more addictive. So, and ironically they look the same. But when you're when you're putting that in — 


Jill de Jong 24:52

How do you know that?


Debbie Lash 24:53

I saw it in a magazine. The body, whatever you're feeding the body it keeps asking for the same thing, just simple things like the tongue scraping, I give those to my clients is a little gift. 


Jill de Jong 25:06

What does it do?


Debbie Lash 25:07

When once you brush the teeth, you, you put the scraper on the back and pull the tongue that helps with cravings, pulls off bacteria. It's great for just a hygiene in the mouth. But the number one thing is to stop the cravings. So whatever you were last eating from the night before, you can just pull and clean away. I do it all the time. I really feel it does help. 


Jill de Jong 25:27

So that’s a great hack. That's really great. I also feel like if you do brush your teeth right after dinner, if you're at home, you don't want to necessarily eat again, right? Like you're just like, okay, well, usually you brush your teeth at the very end of the day before you go to sleep. So when you kind of take that back a couple hours after dinner, you're like, okay, I'm gonna brush my teeth. And it's kind of signaling the brain to be done eating.


Debbie Lash 25:49

Yeah, well, that's why a lot of people find it hard to give up smoking, because they have their meal. And then straight after that meal, they want that cigarette. The two go together, the same thing, brush your teeth change the dynamic of what the body's craving.


Jill de Jong 26:03

Yeah, just changing little things really can drastically change your health and life.


Debbie Lash 26:09

Yeah, making one decision to do something differently.


Jill de Jong 26:12

Yeah, so what what is your number one recommendation? If you know, apple cider vinegar and alkalinity is mine. Like, I'm curious to hear if there's that one thing that you're like, this is what I tell my clients.


Debbie Lash 26:23

Well, I have to say I do use apple cider vinegar as my go to number one. Also, Chlorophyll. I pop it in my kids water bottles for school. It's really just oxygenates your blood and again, alaklining.


Jill de Jong 26:37

Highly alkalizing. And it has it comes in mint flavor. So it's actually really tasty.


Debbie Lash 26:41

Yeah. And my kids love the fact they have green water. 


Jill de Jong 26:45

So cool, instead of like blue or red dyes, chemicals, and they love it. And it makes them look cool in school.


Debbie Lash 26:52



Jill de Jong 26:53

So tell me a little bit about what you do to make your kids eat healthy food because most moms find it really hard to eat healthy themselves and then to actually make their kids happy.


Debbie Lash 27:03

I think if you're a brand new mother, I've fortunately for me, I was intuitively it felt right to cook all my food from scratch. So when when you started weaning them from milk into solids, but it's to give them as much texture as possible. So everything my kids ate, when I was introducing food, they still love it to this day. And the more texture that they got, the better they eat, now.


Jill de Jong 27:31

So they’re adventurous eaters? 

Debbie Lash 27:33

They are. My daughter more so. What I've noticed is that everything that I was eating when I was pregnant, she eats now and the same for my son before I was pregnant I never ate meat. But when I was pregnant, I craved meat. And then I went off salmon. He doesn't like salmon, he loves meat. My daughter is the opposite. She loves everything that I eat, corn —


Jill de Jong 27:54

That's so fascinating. 


Debbie Lash 27:55

Pickles, olives, she has a really expensive palate for such a young person. I really do believe we're nourishing the babies, when you're forming them. Everything you're eating is going through and you know —


Jill de Jong 28:08

Produce starts there. 


Debbie Lash 28:00

Yeah, it really does. And then going into the weaning, giving them as much food, I've got friends whose children of all they don't eat any fruit. And a lot of their food was pureed and was from a jar so they weren't making their own food. And there's busy moms that don't always have time to do it. And I totally get it. There's a lot more available now, I think more than ever before. But as you want to just give your children as much variety of textured food.


Jill de Jong 28:38

And also involve them in the cooking process. Right? Because last night, I was impressed that your son, well how old is he now?


Debbie Lash 28:45



Jill de Jong 28:46

12, already was making his own eggs. And yeah, pretty much like was it a snack? Or was it actually dinner?


Debbie Lash 28:51

He was going off to soccer practice. So he made scrambled eggs on toast.


Jill de Jong 28:56

It was so nice to see.


Debbie Lash 28:57

I really feel that empowering your kids and sharing the passion of cooking food. When you're in a restaurant, you could be eating in a five star restaurant, but you'll come out and feel you could have indigestion or the food doesn't sit right, there is a missing ingredient and that is love. And I think when you teach your children how to cook and really empower them to be independent. I really want to see my kids out into the world being able to be self-sufficient, look after themselves, know that eating homemade is always the best. It’s the healthiest option.


Jill de Jong 29:32

Yeah. Is there anything else that you'd like to share something that the listeners may not know about you and they find important that they do know?


Debbie Lash 29:40

You know, it's not really about me, but I I really think people need to move their bodies. As a yoga teacher, what I see everywhere is this confrontation that people or perception that people have about yoga. They think that they don't have a yoga body and they don't have the number one word flexibility. I'm not flexible enough, it's not about being flexible, because that is why you're there, the flexibility will come but it's about moving your body, you can eat all the best food in the world you can meditate. But if you don't move, your body is going to get more rounded, stiffer joints, arthritis. I look at the body like a car, like a vehicle, and that the body that we have, it's the only one we get, we don't get to trade it in, we don't get to get the Tesla. This is it. And so you got to invest in it, so that it runs like a Rolls Royce for the whole duration. And that you keep the tuneups regular and do the oil and the apple cider vinegar. And that really, if you look at your body, like a vehicle and treat it like this is the only one and there's no upgrade, you're going to hopefully find it easier to look after yourself a little bit more. What's really sad is when people have left it so late, it's a lot of struggle and suffering. And the suffering really comes from just not moving the body.


Jill de Jong 31:02

So it’s self-inflicted oftentimes.


Debbie Lash 31:03



Jill de Jong 31:04

I do have a couple of little questions for you. I need to say, I'm going to say two words and you are going to pick what resonates most. Snow or sun. 


Debbie Lash 31:14



Jill de Jong 31:16

You were thinking way too long about that.


Debbie Lash 31:17

Because I don't want to ski if there's no sun. So sun yeah, water.


Jill de Jong 31:22

Surf or yoga retreat?


Debbie Lash 31:24

Yoga Retreat. 


Jill de Jong 31:25

You were gonna say both, come on. See, I make it real hard for you. 


Debbie Lash 31:30

Yeah, you are. 


Jill de Jong 31:32

Cats or Dogs?


Debbie Lash 31:33



Jill de Jong 31:34

Wifey or husband?


Debbie Lash 31:36

Wifey. I hope he's not listening. 


Jill de Jong 31:42

Maui or Malibu?


Debbie Lash 31:43



Jill de Jong 31:44

Alright, I'll see you there next.


Debbie Lash 31:46

I know. I look forward to that next retreat.


Jill de Jong 31:48

Me too. She's never been to my house. And she's coming soon.


Debbie Lash 31:51

Well, actually, I have been to your house.


Jill de Jong 31:53

Well before, yeah before, when it was still under construction, so you know where it is. And now you can finally enjoy it. Thanks so much for being here. I can't wait for our next adventures and for the next 20 years.


Debbie Lash 32:05

See you on the other side. Bye.


Jill de Jong 32:09

Hey, it's Jill. The one thing we cannot buy more of is time. Time is precious. And I am so grateful that you chose to spend time listening to my podcast. There's a lot more I'd like to share with you. So don't forget to subscribe to Life Done Better on your favorite podcast app and stay in touch. If you have a question or a topic you want to hear discussed on the show, shoot me a message on Twitter @_LifeDoneBetter. We all deal with a lot in our lives and it's freeing to talk about it openly. From my heart to yours. Thanks for listening. 


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