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Episode 07 - Yoga Teacher and Health Coach Debbie Lash: One Decision Away From Being Unstuck!

Debbie Lash, yoga teacher and health coach, shares about self-medicating, feeling lost, and hitting rock bottom. 

Debbie turned her life around and started a new career in her mid-forties, after making one powerful decision, resulting in many other great decisions that made her thrive again and regain her health. Debbie and Jill also share about their number one health tip, their 20+ year friendship, and how they like to challenge themselves and just say "yes” to life! 


2:40 - Debbie Lash discusses her breakdown and recovery

8:40 - Establishing self-worth and confidence

12:00 - Why "Wifey"

16:20 - Accountability Partners and overcoming fear

19:00 - Beneficial bacteria and 'gut health'

20:30 - Training discipline

26:50 - Getting kids to eat healthy

29:30 - The importance of moving your body


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Hosted by: Jill de Jong

Produced by: Mike Thomas

Theme Music by: Chris Porter

Sound Engineer: Michael Kennedy

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