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Episode 09 - Author, Musician, and Activist Tara Mackey: From Suicidal to

Living your Best Life

When Tara’s suicide attempt failed, she decided that if she was going to live then it had to be a life that she could be really proud of: giving others hope. Let Tara’s story inspire you to see the light even in the darkest times.

Life can be rough and incessant. Emotional pain can lead to severe depression and make you lose hope for a better life. In this episode, author, musician and activist Tara Mackey shares her personal experiences of how to 'keep the faith'  after an attempted suicide and believe that your life is precious and you are here to rise and shine! 

Not only did Tara write two bestselling books; “Cured By Nature” and “Wild Habits", she has also made her childhood dream come true by recording and releasing an album that she describes as “conscious pop”.

Listen in to this truly inspiring episode of hope, determination, and second chances with host Jill de Jong and guest Tara Mackey.


2:30 - Tara Mackey talks about her song writing and her EP, Bugatti

5:30 - Tara speaks about suicide prevention

8:15 - Natural solutions versus drugs

9:15 - Natural, holistic health hacks,

14:20 - Tara speaks about living with drug/alcohol addicted parents

18:00 - Tara relates her experience at Mexican orphanages

24:00 - Tara's 'typical' day


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Hosted by: Jill de Jong

Produced by: Mike Thomas

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Sound Engineer: Michael Kennedy

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