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Episode 10 - LESSONS FROM DISEASE: Holistic health practitioner & author,

Jesse Golden

Images courtesy of Jesse Golden

Is what’s happening to you, happening FOR you? Disease can be a teacher for us. Learn the power of reframing your personal story; What many would think of as an absolute nightmare, Jesse describes it as a humbling experience.

Jesse was a hard working single mother when she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and was bed ridden for a year and moved like a 90 year old person. She couldn’t use her body the way she wanted to and the lessons of this autoimmune disorder she found in forced stillness.  She even calls RA her superpower!  

Jill and Jesse also talk about the importance of managing stress, the power of nature, grounding mats and how Jesse started her organic skincare line "Golden Secrets".


(1:31) Instagram filters and women

(2:22) Jesse finds out she has Rheumatoid Arthritis

(3:45) How was Jesse before she was diagnosed with RA?

(4:26) What were the early days of RA like?

(7:37) What lessons have you learned from RA?

(8:44) What was the turning point with your perspective on living with RA?

(10:41) How did you learn to be more kind to yourself with the disease

(12:42) The Golden Secret skincare line

(15:20) Chemicals in beauty products

(17:23) Grounding and balancing earth to body

(19:59) Jesse shares how she met her husband, and what’s she’s learned about finding love

(22:38) Relinquishing control to a significant other

(24:05) How do you pick yourself up when you’re having a bad day


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