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Episode 14 - MODEL BEHAVIOR:  

Model & Author, Sarah DeAnna


Images courtesy of Sarah DeAnna Instagram @sarahdeanna

What makes you feel beautiful? Do you give yourself enough time to take excellent care of yourself?  Sarah sums up the 5 keys from her book “Supermodel You” that will help you make better decisions day-to-day.

Join Sarah and Jill's conversation about how the modeling industry has changed, the importance of sleep and tips on boosting confidence.

You’ll enjoy the surprisingly down-to-earth approach Sarah brings to Life Done Better.

In this episode they discuss:

1:18 How has the modeling industry changed with the advent of social media

5:29 Sarah has 5 keys to becoming your best self. The first is ‘awareness’

6:02 The second key to success is ‘sleep’

8:13 Sarah’s 3rd key to success is managing ‘stress’

9:06 The 4th key to success is ‘intuitive eating’

10:20 Sarah’s top 3 ‘must-haves’ in her diet

11:03 Interesting thoughts about Vitamin C 

11:59 The fifth key to Sarah’s system of success is ‘exercise’

15:48 What makes Sarah feel beautiful 

17:03 Thoughts on wearing daily make-up and all the new ‘Instagram looks’

18:06 Sarah’s top two tips on how to boost confidence

20:20 Jill shares how she’s been able to boost her confidence

21:59 How does Sarah practice self-love

23:41 How the pandemic has centered Sarah’s priorities 


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Follow the show on Twitter and send us questions: @_lifedonebetter

Hosted by: Jill de Jong

Produced & Edited by: AJ Moseley

Sound Engineer: Michael Kennedy

Medical Disclaimer

Content here and in this podcast is for informational purposes only. It does not substitute any medical advice, and does not replace any medical judgment by your health provider. Always seek a licensed physician or professional provider for health related questions and issues.

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