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Episode 20 - INSTAGRAM RULES with Social Media Expert Genieva Davidson

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Images courtesy of Genieva Davidson

Are you frustrated with your Instagram exposure and engagement? If you are on Instagram, and you play the game, then you must know the rules! Even if you have great content (high quality & adds value), it may not be getting seen. And that can be frustrating as you are putting a lot of time and energy into creating content. Don’t get discouraged, you can learn to increase your following, engagement, and sales. 

Social media expert Genieva Davidson talks about new features on Instagram, the importance of keeping track of data, how to monetize your account, and what mistakes to avoid!


1:40 What are the new updates with Instagram?

4:20 Tips and tricks for writing an Instagram bio

7:51 Deciding between which types of posts to make

8:34 Is it possible to save Instagram stories?

9:40 Tik Tok and authenticity

12:12 How to craft a new social media strategy for 2021?

15:00 Social media bots vs genuine followers

20:15 Setting up a calendar for social post themes

21:46 What are the most common mistakes people make on Instagram?

23:58 What Instagram feature is the most underutilized?

25:44 Tips on monatizing Instagram content


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Hosted by: Jill de Jong

Produced & Edited by: AJ Moseley

Sound Engineer: Steve Rieckeberg

Medical Disclaimer

Content here and in this podcast is for informational purposes only. It does not substitute any medical advice, and does not replace any medical judgment by your health provider. Always seek a licensed physician or professional provider for health related questions and issues.

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