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Episode 01 - Nikki Sharp

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Images courtesy of Nikki Sharp


An Intimate and honest conversation with wellness expert and best-selling author Nikki Sharp about social media detox, eating disorder recovery, failing, the power of thoughts and self love.

Wellness Coach and motivational speaker Nikki Sharp is passionate about helping others create a well-balanced and fulfilling life. Nikki talks to host Jill de Jong about facing our fears, the value of failure, and embracing a natural way to heal and to thrive.

Nikki Sharp describes how she overcame intense eating disorders and business challenges. She shares her journey from hard-charging businesswoman to a well-balanced wellness expert. 


2:00 - Balancing technology and managing the so-called “Zoom Effect.”

3:20 - The merits of taking the occasional social media detox.

4:30 - The rules for getting a better night’s sleep.

9:00 - How to prioritize health over everything else.

15:00 - Nikki’s journey overcoming her eating disorders and business challenges.

19:00 - Recognizing the guilt and filters we use to punish ourselves.

23:40 - Nikki talks about what she's learned from her biggest failures.

25:30 - The necessity and value of having a coach and a mentor.

29:00 - What improvements would Nikki and Jill like to see in their lives?


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Hosted by: Jill de Jong

Guest: Nikki Sharp

Produced by: Mike Thomas

Theme Music by: Chris Porter

Sound Engineer: Michael Kennedy

Medical Disclaimer

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