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Episode 49 - Progressives vs Moderates with The Washington Post columnist

E.J. Dionne Jr.


E.J. Dionne Jr., author, journalist, and long-time op-ed columnist for The Washington Post, revisits his pre-election predictions.

Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne Jr. joins the Meet Me in the Middle panel of Pulitzer Prize winning historian Ed Larson, International Trade Attorney Jane Albrecht, and CurtCo CEO Bill Curtis, to discuss the differences between Progressives & Moderates, how this affected the 2020 election, and predictions for upcoming Biden administration. Throughout the episode the panel discusses:

2:32 E.J.’s presidential prediction from a past recording is revisited.

3:40 Does the Democratic party realize the mixed messages they’ve sent from the election?

5:11 Did the election say “no” to progressives?

7:57 E.J.’s prediction of how moderates and progressives will work together is revisited.

9:16 How will the Biden team work to bridge to the Republicans when necessary?

12:20 Should Biden lend an olive branch to the Trump Administration for progressing the country towards a vaccination?

14:12 Are there any members of the senate or house that actually believe the election was stolen from Donald Trump?

16:24 What are the main differences behind how the progressives and the moderates want to approach Biden’s presidency?

18:00 Biden’s $400,000 tax rate

20:15 Progressives vs Moderates and the handling of COVID-19

23:38 Progressives vs Moderates and the handling of China and Russia

25:10 Progressives vs Moderates and Troops in the Middle East

29:45 E.J.’s thoughts on Antony Blinken

30:14 E.J.’s thoughts on Linda Thomas-Greenfield

30:52 Jane's thoughts on John Kerry

31:10 E.J.’s thoughts on Avril Haines

31:52 E.J.’s thoughts on Jake Sullivan

32:58 E.J.’s thoughts on Janet Yellen

34:00 E.J. makes his final predictions on what the Biden Administration will achieve during this term


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Hosted by: Bill Curtis, Jane Albrecht, and Ed Larson

Produced and edited by: AJ Moseley

Sound Engineering by: Steve Riekeberg

Theme Music by: Celleste & Eric Dick

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