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Episode 52 - The Need for Constitutional and Government Adjustments with Legal Scholar and Professor  Sanford Levinson


What is the biggest political challenge we are facing right now? Do we need campaign finance reform? Legal scholar, and professor, Sanford Levinson discusses the need for adjustments in our constitution, campaign finances, the election process and if Trump will run again in 2024 in our final episode of the season.

We welcome author, legal scholar, and professor, Sanford Levinson to the podcast to discuss the need for adjustments in our constitution, campaign finances, and election process in our last episode of the season. We will return with new episodes on 2021.

Sanford Levinson holds the W. St. John Garwood and W. St. John Garwood, Jr. Centennial Chair in Law at the University of Texas Law School. His is the author of over 200 articles in professional and more popular journals and has written numerous books.


:20 Where did our constitution fall short in checks & balances?

1:10 Why do we need campaign finance reform?

2:50 Introduce our guest and what are some of the provisions that promote unjust and ineffective government. Article 5, and why it’s near impossible to rewrite the constitution

4:00 Can we rewrite the constitution regardless of article five and how would that process look?

6:25 What would be the education level of the delegates would be chosen?

7:30 A recent constitution of California and how can we put the new constitution together?

9:20 Hamilton’s preference that the president would be a lifetime appointment and term limits… and a constitutional amendment over judicial revue

13:40 We have disenfranchised the majority with the electoral college

6:00 How can we amend the constitution regarding the electoral college

20:00 EL discusses his recent article regarding the constitutional power to declare war

21:45 Does congress hold the purse-strings regarding war and the military

24:05 The need for campaign finance reform

25:40 How would SL change the constitution regarding campaign finance

27:40 American voters have spoken but 74 million still voted for Trump and “Trumpism” and SL fear of his supporters

29:30 Will Trump run again in 2024?


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Hosted by: Bill Curtis, Jane Albrecht, and Ed Larson

Produced by: AJ Moseley

Editing and Sound Engineering by: Joey Salvia

Theme Music by: Celleste & Eric Dick

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