Episode 58 - The Post Covid Era, Economics, and the Minimum Wage with Professor Ioana Elena Marinescu (Part Two)

Economist and Professor Ioana Elena Marinescu returns to discuss raising minimum wage, the current economic state and where the US will stand economically in a post-COVID world.

Economist and Professor Ioana Elena Marinescu returns for part 2, with hosts Bill Curtis and International Trade Attorney Jane Albrecht, to discuss where the US currently stands economically, where it will stand in a post-COVID world, and the arguments for and against raising the minimum wage.

Episode Timestamps: 

- :30 Minimum Wage
- 1:54 Difference between a federal and state minimum wage
- 2:36 Why we need a federal minimum wage
- 3:33 Why a new minimum wage won’t lose jobs
- 5:45 Places of business that underpay
- 7:30 Public vs Private
- 7:50 Companies who influence politicians to vote against minimum wage
- 9:40 Adjusting Minimum Wage for inflation
- 11:48 UBI and Minimum Wage
- 12:48 What’s ahead Post Covid, economically?
- 15:45 Credit to both Trump and Biden
- 16:24 Jobs most likely to recover
- 18:27 AI, Automation, and replacing humans
- 19:30 Working from home and real estate
- 21:36 Adjustments, progress, and change
- 23:06 Lightning Round Segment (National Debt, China, Creating value for all, Capital Gains Tax Advantages, government efficiency and spending, UBI and the border


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Hosted by: Bill Curtis and Jane Albrecht

Produced by: Joey Salvia

Theme Music by: Celleste & Eric Dick

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