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Episode 59 - Breaking Down The Biden Plan

with Congressman Ted Lieu

Congressman Ted Lieu on the aftermath of the insurrection and breaking down the Biden Infrastructure and Jobs Plan.

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Bill Curtis and Jane Albrecht invite Congressman Ted Lieu to the show to discuss the aftermath of the insurrection, his personal feelings on January 6th, 2021, and breaking down the Biden Infrastructure Plan.


Episode Timestamps:

1:57 Following up after the storming of the Capitol 

3:00 Details on the day of the insurrection

3:57 The fear Ted felt

4:41 How the insurrection changed Ted

5:46 Feelings about the impeachment process

7:35 Diving into the decision not to convict the president

8:20 On two-thirds vote

9:14 14th Amendment Section 3

11:00 The second impeachment and not having enough bipartisan support

12:11 The effects on congress in the aftermath of the insurrection

13:19 A Less friendly congress

13:50 A deeper look into the actual feelings about “The Big Lie” and republicans from Ted’s POV

15:48 The Pivotal Aspects of HR1

17:43 Addressing the filibuster rule

18:38 The Next election, the filibuster, and consequences

20:12 The republicans didn’t stop the filibuster when they were in power

22:33 How much time does this congress have to get things done

24:38 The Biden Infrastructure Plan

26:14 Private Sector Bidding and charging the government

28:50 Electric Cars and Incentives

30:00 Home Care

32:33 Manufacturing

34:15 Federal Purchases

34:48 Housing

36:03 Research and development

37:13 Education and schools

39:39 Workforce development

41:17 Paying for the Biden Plan

43:19 Global Minimum Tax

44:39 Asian American Discrimination


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Hosted by: Bill Curtis and Jane Albrecht

Produced by: Joey Salvia

Theme Music by: Celleste & Eric Dick

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