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Episode 61 -

Why Michael Steele Remains a Republican

Former RNC Chairman, Michael Steele, joins Bill Curtis and Jane Albrecht to discuss what changes need to be made in the Republican (and Democratic) Party.

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Michael Steele is  the former RNC Chairman, former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, political analyst for MSNBC,  and host of The Michael Steele Podcast.

When he was elected Lieutenant Governor of Maryland in 2003, Michael Steele made history as the first African American elected to statewide office; and again with his subsequent chairmanship of the Republican National Committee in 2009.

Episode Timestamps:

1:42 Still a Republican 
2:57 What if you were the chair again? 
4:40 Is the Republican Party Beyond help? 
6:42 The Southern Strategy 
9:41 All About the Voters 
11:06 Break 1 
12:02 The Radicalization of the Republicans 
14:25 The Republican Game plan 
17:40 A Huge Task to Change the Party 
18:16 Republicans are not leading 
19:46 The Insurrection 
21:43 Lies 
24:48 Break 2 
25:09 The Biden Plan 
26: 55 HR1 
29:06 Guns 
30:52 Gerrymandering 
31:24 Hope for the Republican Party? 


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Hosted by: Bill Curtis and Jane Albrecht

Produced by: Joey Salvia

Theme Music by: Celleste & Eric Dick

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