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Episode 66 - Hacked: Cyber Security

with David Holtzman (Part One)

Author and tech-wiz, David Holtzman dives deep cyber security including: the Colonial Pipeline Hack, ransomware, Solar Winds, the capabilities of Russia, China, and other nations in the cyber-wars, Zero Day, who’s DarkSide, and so much more!


Bill Curtis and Jane Albrecht discuss cybersecurity with author and tech-wiz, David Holtzman. They dive deep into the Colonial Pipeline Hack, ransomware, and Solar Winds. You’ll learn about the capabilities of Russia, China, and other nations in the cyber-wars. Do you want to know what Zero Day means, who’s DarkSide, Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear?... which software is the safest, Apple or Microsoft? And how wars will be fought in the future? This two-part series on cyber-intelligence will certainly deliver.

Episode Timestamps:

3:16 Why do countries get hacked? David Holtzman is a world-class information technologist, currently working with global block chain companies, with deep expertise in privacy, encryption, ethics, cybersecurity, digital registries and intellectual property.

5:05 The Colonial Pipeline Hack 6:16 Panic Buying and Hacks (DarkSide)

9:19 Two Types of Hackers 10:30 Negotiating with Hackers

11:08 The Solar Winds Hack and Russia

12:54 Deduction and knowing who’s the Hacker

14:34 Tracking what information was hacked

16:16 How to handle the backdoor second hack attack

17:45 Lessons Learned from Hackers and USA Cyber intelligence

20:36 Trump and classified intelligence

21:36 Do we have proof that Trump passed info onto the Russians?

23:36 What is Zero Day?

24:54 Apple vs Microsoft and Hacking

28:02 Mutual assured annihilation

29:50 Ramifications of Hacking

32:44 Cold War References and destruction

34:00 Defending against Russian Aggression 


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Hosted by: Bill Curtis and Jane Albrecht

Produced by: Joey Salvia

Theme Music by: Celleste & Eric Dick

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