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Episode 67 - Hacked: Cyber Security

with David Holtzman (Part Two)

What’s a Zombie Bot? Has a Trojan attacked your computer? How can we protect ourselves from Hackers?


Bill Curtis and Jane Albrecht continue their discussion on cybersecurity with author and tech-wiz, David Holtzman. 


This episode will both scare and enlighten you to all matters of personal and business cybersecurity. David Holtzman is a world-class information technologist, currently working with global block chain companies, with deep expertise in privacy, encryption, ethics, cybersecurity, digital registries and intellectual property.

Episode Timestamps:

00:52 Hacking, Phishing, and Personal Attacks

1:52 How Hackers Attack YOU

4:07 Antivirus Software

5:34 No Real Protection Against Hacking

6:55 Real Life Hacking Examples

7:43 Things you can check before being Hacked

10:37 Hacking Cases during Covid

11:48 What not to do to stay safe from Hackers and VPN

13:07 Passwords

15:07 Password Lockers and Hacks

15:52 Positive Takeaways and Hacking

19:42 Insider Threats and Business

21:48 Individual Responsibility and Old-World Business Tactics

24:06 Final Words 


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Hosted by: Bill Curtis and Jane Albrecht

Produced by: Joey Salvia

Theme Music by: Celleste & Eric Dick

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