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Episode 73 - Dissecting the Democratic Party
with Lanae Erickson and Quentin James

What will it take for Democrats to connect with black & brown voters?

How can Democrats keep Republicans from branding them, radicals? What can Democrats do better to keep the house?


Bill and Jane are joined by Lanae Erickson (Senior Vice President for the Social Policy Program at The Third Way) and Quentin James (founder and president of The Collective) to explore their six month study and report that was praised by The NY Times.


Episode Timestamps:

5:52 Defining The Third Way, The Collective, and The Latino Victory Fund

7:54 The Origins of coming together

8:51 The Democratic Coalition

11:05 Black Voters

15:51 The Failure of “Defund the Police” messaging

17:26 The Trump Effect

19:14 Learning from the report

22:44 The Democratic Brand

26:45 Democrats -The Less Racist Party?

29:36 What do Democrats stand for?

31:17 Full disclosure

33:30 Advice for the moderates

34:27 Closing statements to the Semocratic party 


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Hosted by: Bill Curtis and Jane Albrecht

Produced by: Joey Salvia

Theme Music by: Celleste & Eric Dick

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